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My wife and i talk all the time we look at about them reseda our little kids we should freeze 'em right and now i thought just the freeze same them thing last night before free they after get could old only that freeze game and started it doing the stupid game at stuff that michigan freezing point them was up twenty that's one fourteen not the way it goes though right it is how bad just freeze the game it's twenty one fourteen i was very into that sco i know you are because all three of us would've been comment cut because we would have been we would all loss to my seven year old cooper in our competition instead villanova got in incredible are you can't even call it a burst of energy which is the by the way that's the phrase for east sixth man bringing energy to the i mean what dumpty diva n chen's oh brought to the game was the was the nail in the coffin and michigan had no answer for him and usually they had the answer for somebody was going off it was put xabier simpson on 'em and and sometimes he would take op door rock monda the hoop are the times he would blow pass cr you know charles mathews other times he would just take on the whole team and then he would just shoot all over everybody just shoot over buddy about five feet from an nba three point range and then beyond.

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