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Decisions aren't black and white. Think red, case fall already depressed. That's right, the nationals facing Philadelphia in a day night double header top of the first inning the Nats trail won nothing as Reese Hoskins has hit a solo Homer off of Eric fetty. You can hear the game on 1500 a.m. Orioles visit the New York Yankees this weekend, birds trail Tampa Bay by 5 games for the last wild card spot with 6 to play NBA pre season wizards lose this morning to Golden State 96, 87 they'll play against Sunday NFL commander's battle Dallas in week four coming off a loss to Philadelphia where they allowed 9 sacks WTO peace George Wallace telling the D.C. sports huddle. It's another tough deal going into Dallas. A team that leads the league in sacks and a defensive line that gets after you. So as Scott Turner said today, they have to find a way to get the ball out quicker if they're going to be under siege like that, which they were last week and probably going to be again this week. Get more on the podcast D.C. app Apple or wherever you get your podcasts, college football, Maryland meets Michigan state and quarter end Spartans quarterback Payton Thorne, coach Mike locksley, big tall guy, makes all the throws been in this league a little bit. You know, having transferred into Michigan state. So just the arm talent is there. Other action tomorrow includes navy and air force Virginia tech at North Carolina, Georgetown visits fordham coming up at one 45 will tell you the kippy and Buffy tailgate wine. Dave Preston WTO sports. The top stories were following this hour as you heard moments ago from WTO's Mitchell Miller, the house approving a short term spending bill today that's already passed the Senate, averting a government shutdown. They suspected to be signed quickly by President Biden

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