A body in Motion is a Powerful Leader


The. Former executive turned lifestyle entrepreneur, Connie is ridiculously dedicated to inspiring individuals to activate their power and live their dream as a lifestyle entrepreneur. It's time to sit down, lie down or squat down and turn up the volume up or out with Connie starts right now. Why? Hello and welcome to activating power women podcast. I'm Connie five-year transformational sneaker, mentoring coach, and if you're looking for inspiration motivation and just want those tools to excel in business eggs really come to the right fights. So on tier sage because we have a phenomenal guest today, she is the author of the workplace while miss that works. And she's also the CEO and founder of motion infusion, which is a leading well being and learning provider. Her work has been covered on MSNBC the New York Times. US news wurley pour onto nor business insider NPR. She's also a former urban public high school teacher, Ellen de professional public policy advocate as something I've always been interested and international community organizer dancer gymnast. And now of movement builder and the World Health and wellbeing with emission, get people and organizations in motion to is a frequent keynote speaker and work with a range of organizations from fortune five hundred two government agencies to academic institutes, nonprofits, she's a recipient of the American heart association's twenty twenty impact award as well as a national wellness institute circle of leadership award. She's a graduate from Brown University and Saint for university, and she comes to us from San Francisco where lizard, her fiance, please walk Laura, but room faith, Connie, it's really nice to be back. So you'd have so so many incredible things so many incredible things. And now you've come to the place where it's all about getting people in motion, getting people moving from people and people inside of organizations. So a union talk about half. Ving that energy, but do you have the energy to be effective leader? Yeah, I think that this is the reason why I asked this question a lot is because I think it's hard for a lot of people to make the connection between wellness annotated a life, and sometimes it better way to reframe that is asking leaders managers and for other women leaders out there asking the question, do you have the energy that you need to be an effective leader and energy starts with wellbeing? Keep them points at my aunt had this great sticker that was on her refrigerator that read the bridge between despair and hope is a good night sleep. So it's already. Hell you can't get any basic than that, right. And we, you know, the bridge between being an ineffective leader versus an effective one is often something as simple as getting enough sleep man, though when we think about energy, it derives from a lot of different places, but we cannot ignore the role that wellbeing pleased in having energy and wellbeing purchase physical, although that extremely important but also wellbeing on an emotional level. I mean, certainly we're seeing a lot of evidence of that today was with the loss of Kate Spade in Anthony bourdain that nece who can't ignore emotional wellbeing here, these people who are, you know, at the peak of their careers in can't ignore things like emotional wellbeing, zillion awhile, being or community wellbeing, social wellbeing. All of these really factor into our capacity. To have the energy that we need to be ineffective weaker. And that really unin find finding that life balance because I mean, I'll admit it. I mean, I've leads several organizations and it could be really exhausted. It really can to the boy where even that emotional energy, because as they say, you know, when you're at the top, it's lonely. I don't wanna say it was lonely, but sometimes you just don't know who to go to write talk and Hutu confided without feeling less of a person out filling

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