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Welcome. Sweet another episode of the missed the Baltin must podcast with me. Craig Barton as show where interview people who interest uninspiring me from the womb, the world of education, this summer around, I spoke to Chris McGrane. Chris is a former principal teacher of maths open sunny Scotland, and he's now the must lead in Scotland, the LaSalle education now longtime listeners of the podcast will of heard Chris's dulcet tones on the research at Scotland conference takeaway podcast last year. And light me will have been desperate for more. Yep. I am. Hey, huge fan of Chris as previously mentioned on this podcast. Chris is a wonderful user of Twitter in the way that he pulls in loads of different views on his ideas from a wide range of practitioners. I really need to learn more from the way. Chris uses Twitter, a light me on the gum, something of a transformation in his teaching and thinking about learning, but fascinating -ly. We seem to have gone off in slightly different directions which hopefully make for a fiery interesting conversation. So it a wide ranging, challenging fascinating chart. Chris, and I discussed the following things and plenty more besides Christie scribes his favourite failure, and tells me what do learned from the experience. Chris gives us gives an overview sorry into how his approach to teaching has changed, and just why this changes happened. And then we go deep, we go really deep into task design with Christy scrubbing how approach to both creating and also choosing an adaption existing tasks has changed. Chris then takes us through three of his favorite mathematical tusks describing. Why likes them and how he uses them and images of. These tasks are available now in the show notes, so you can play along hope we then turn our attention to the importance of classroom talk. And how is teaches we can help. Australians, get better are conversing on that it all kicks off. And we love it when it kicks off when we discuss a few things that we may well, disagree on, including old time, podcast classics atomization, and minimally, different problems. Now, I love this conversation. Find it absolutely fascinating when I'm looking to speak to someone who's been teaching roughly the same time as me and even better, went that somebody is on the Ghana similar journey in terms of that initial ignorance of educational research. And now a bit of a revolutionist happened. But when it comes to Chris, and I, we've got off in slightly, different directions, reaching slightly different conclusions, and I'll be reflecting on these differences in the takeaway section. At the end of this episode the usual plugs before we get cracking.

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