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Said to prefer to stay in Spain now over the course of the last few months. Months it was thought that modern era, God would finally be returning to ramage it to begin his career after spending three and a half successful seasons of Alexa V. Hatem, Vein Tessa in the Dutch Z. and software dad last season to date the twenty year old Norwegian International as made just one appearance for real. Madrid's first teams signing five years ago. Now, it was back in May of two, thousand, fifteen, he appeared. In these seven three victory of at Guitar Fade it is now being reported blazers out will spend that second season with rows software data has Luca. Moderate continues to be downs number one choice in what is the final year of his contract water. Camera Binga has been the subject of intense speculation over the last few months. See Seventeen year old play continues to interest trump's rum France England Spain, and Italy birds with. With, the financial constraints most clubs on now operating under some a move is seen to be very unlikely as for the players views and opinions. He said to be no hurry to it unless he can go to his preferred club, which is set to be Real Madrid according to French media. He's told his current club he is prepared to wait until the deal materializes is contract with ran runs until twenty, twenty two. Where unwash-. Next four, Danny. Samaya, who held awesome to win the FA Cup the weekend despite the much repeated comments, batteries, affection vol- rail, Matisse. It's highly unlikely that here we play their next season player. Himself added these comments when asked about his future, he's at off not yet spoken to route mature at right now, I'm disconnecting from footfall to spend some time with my family. It's been a very difficult season winning the FA Cup as being a huge achievement for all of us are. are onto a couple of players who have been heavily linked with moves to Madrid, between Avalon, themselves cast Adrift Fabian Ruiz at Napoli after months applying hot again, APPALACHIA dealer entities looks like he's not going to be keeping his manners. Madrid's interest has cooled and gone away. It's reported the other is donate vanderbeck covered I, X. now, that was said to be an agreement in place to sign him for forty million euros. This summer that is a deal now will not happen which. Overly worries it down, of course, because he never really wanted him in the first place. Former Madrid goalkeeper Eka AC- announced on Tuesday his retirement from Klang. He made his Madrid debut twenty, one years ago. This September, he went on to make five hundred, ten appearances for the club before his move to FC Porto back in twenty fifty, where he went holds back another one, hundred, sixteen appearances that also made one hundred, sixty, seven appearances for the Spanish national team in a very successful sixteen year international career. Is. Agency has been talking about his client's current situation and potential future. He's lost G. he had numerous office to leave the club, but he decided to stay the Dan gave him Benny, any opportunities? He knows that he's responsible for making his own decisions and what he has to do if he wants to change his current situation Marianna celebrated his twenty seventh birthday on August. The first he started just three games since he arrived from the old back in twenty eighteen and staying in frowns momentarily Zinzan has been possibly unsurprisingly voted as the best coach in Europe my friends, sports media, he yielded cloth into second-place pep guardiola. Thurdsay Dan took fifty seven percent of the overall vote now, quick look ahead to Manchester City this week and some of the stories which are doing the ranch today, and if you're looking for good luck airman's than they are not thin on the ground, you have to go fifty years to the last time. Madrid came from a losing physician at home to go on to win a European tie. That is much Moldova in today's media and continuing with the slightly gloomy outlook for some, there is also no shortage of people getting what they believed to be a poor return in terms of results, rid hat when they'd been that. That canton Sergio Ramos to lead them on field. But it isn't all, as it seems as was pointed ads since two thousand, ten eleven team of one more league games without him. Seventy five, eighty percents, they did with him, sixty seven point, six percent however, in champions. League that reverses slightly they won sixty eight point, five percent of the Games when he's played to sixty, five, point four when he hasn't in recent times, they've won one game out of seven in champions. League when Remmel was absent as for Manchester itself. Madrid of got a good record that they've lost just two of the seven visits to the city. Course. That against Manchester United as Guardiola's home record, he's played one hundred, six matches at the Hanley's lost. Just nothing. But Row Madrid. Do Have Tiba. Coo. Trois. In who has no equals in Europe this season twenty. One clean sheets in all in League Champions League and supercup. Will be looking to do something though that he's not done before on nine previous attempts. That is keep a clean sheet against Manchester. City. Now, since we've been here round, Madrid have released a statement about Ecus retirement. Here is some of the highlights of it. They said given the announcement by efficacy about is who Thomas from football as a professional player remedied wants to show appreciation admiration and affection. One of the greatest legends of our club World Football, the best goalkeeper in the history of row Madrid and Spanish football. US At the age of nine, and he was here for twenty five years being one of our most iconic captains. EKA CASSIA says the love of Real Madrid and as a benchmark of the values that represent rail Madrid today. One of the most important football is in our one hundred and eighteen year history of flair whom we'd love and admire as a goalkeeper who has helped build the legend of Real Madrid with his work and exemplary behavior both inside and. And outside the club says by as a professional flat for the first team, he played seven hundred, twenty five games.

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