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Whereas when men die, it's usually because they're like in combat and they're like fighting for themselves. There are a few exceptions where there's different agents who are like kicking ass and fighting. In fact, there's one scene in, I think it's it's either goes protocol, a rogue nation, but there's a woman who's like fighting a room full of bad guys and like Tom Cruise's tied up so like he can't help right away. So it's like her like kicking ass. Mary Jane. Wow. And she has to like save him and help him. So every once in a while, there will be like a role reversal like that. But for the most part in these movies, women are sexualize in some way, very needlessly. They are often dams old. There are a few characters who come and go her like, oh yeah, she's pretty cool. She's bad ass. But she, of course, isn't given a personality or anything like that. But so, yeah, the treatment over the span of this franchise of women is peculiar because they don't just entirely because some, you know, action franchises. The women will just be dams old and she can't fight for herself. She can't do anything. She's given no skills, no personality, anything like that. And these movies, at least there are like women agents who are like fighting and like doing cool stuff. And some of them are hacking even and some of them are like doing this and that. But the first like. In the first movie, at least it seems like Tom Cruise and Jon Voight respect the women. They're working with, don't call their qualifications into question, which is a low bar to set, right. But in most movies like this, you know, you'd have that moment of like, can she really do her job and be so very hot and then she has to prove it. There aren't those proving moments in this in the first movie, at least, but it's still it's like they treat women like neutral to light negative. And and I think do what a lot of these movies do and what the vast majority of movies do, which is kind of dislike forget about its female characters for large swaths of the movie, and then go back to them when they need something sexy to happen. But there's not really any character motivated reasons that we ever cut to Claire. It always has to be like, oh, a sexy thing needs to happen or Jon Voight is going to enter the room soon. Those are mostly her cues and. So it's just like, I mean. I can't believe the Tom Cruise can't write a female character. Can't believe it. I mean, is he writing these at all? Is he he's? He's probably like on this move this thing and this movie. But like the fifth one on the upcoming sixth one, the director is his previous script doctor on these. It's Christopher mcquarry. So I think he, I think he does the Will Smith thing where he has a script guy that he puts in. So he's not like writing writing it, but he's telling someone what the type kind of, right? All this had. This is a fun movie that does not treat women. It's like it doesn't treat women. Well, it doesn't really treat women at all it. It is very non-sexual action movie, which is unusual because I feel like action movies, so often tip into outright misogyny. This one doesn't because it just isn't as like this movie doesn't know how to talk to girls. Like literally this as a text does not know how to talk. Girls and largely doesn't. Yeah. It's like the corner of a middle school dance. It's just like, what do I do time? I worked so hard on my outfit, but I don't know how to talk to anybody, but that said because it just is like kind of awkward in the way it treats its characters. A lot of the time I still was able to enjoy it. I don't know. Like I was like, this movie makes no sense. You have to be a literal genius to understand what's going on here. Yeah, that's not true..

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