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Care for yourself, which ultimately to be a good caregiver. You do need to take care of yourself. You've got to exercise eat, right and take your Jared tall, right? But seriously, caregiving is important. But to be a good caregiver you've got to take care of you. Gotta take care of you. If you only taking care of other people a time, you will burn out. In fact, that's why there's such a turnover in the caregiving business. There's a lot of turnover and families in caregiving. Sleep cycles, a wonderful application. You can download it on your phone. It's free to get the premium version costs you thirty bucks a year. What it does is? It actually listens to you. While you're sleeping. It helps you evaluate at the end of the night when the best time is to wake up, and it wakes you up then seriously. So I've used it for about a month now, and it will actually grade the quality of my sleep. It will tell me if I was snoring when I started how long I snored. It will also tell me that it woke me up towards the tail end of my sleep in a half hour window because I we naturally all of us naturally. Go in a rhythm of a cycle of sleep. I didn't understand this. So let me explain when you go to sleep. You're just not like asleep in this constant state of non movement in sleep you go deep into Remm sleep. You come back out, you drop interim sleepy come back out, you drop, a, sleep, etc. Sometimes you go two or three or four times sometimes twice. Sometimes once it all depends. Right. So. If you can wake up when you're coming out of it and maybe close to being completely awake. It's easier to wake up great idea sleep.

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