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The voice of the fetus in that show fucking is technically wire lou one hundred percent. Yes so first of all. If you haven't watched the trailer that porter produced with the movie money you must watch. I'm not saying it's worth it. We could do an entire episode of our sister show godawful movies about a trailer but if there was a trailer we could do got off of movies out. That's the one honey. You have to give birth to this child or do i burn. Burn burn burn sitcom about sit com. Yeah so like you said. Porter is currently fundraising the measly. Five hundred thousand dollars. She needs to make this pro forced birth romp a reality. Here's a quote from the fundraiser quote. Well most non-christians are drawn to sermons. Everyone wants to laugh. The sitcom wants a girl to do will make people laugh while putting god and his truths in a positive light finally end quote. Yeah like wh what could be more universally appealing show gold. What's a girl to do from a writer offended by that implication of autonomy right it continues quote. There are a lot of good christian movies super wrong but there are no christian sitcoms from which to choose irregular wrong yemen. Etiam wrong media. Let's change that instead of entertainment with the indoctrination of godless world worldview. Let's create a quality sitcom that honors. God and advance his kingdom while having fun and we like to have fun here. Pro-life sitcom end of the show. We all learned an important lesson. Fetus jump freeze happening. But it's it's not all good news. Sadly miss porter has only raised just over two thousand dollars as of this recording. But i need her to find that other four hundred ninety eight thousand not just for the job security but that is definitely a part of it so if no one heath would just let me remortgage the house. We could be a part of that but they won't. It's very sad pot. We all right and we made sure that eli hasn't put up any new for sale signs in the yard. We're gonna pause for a word from our second sponsor this week. All birds can have a walk on guest role. Hey welcome typical shoe. Buying experience can help you. Because i am dressed as a referee. Yeah about that. Why are you running. Shoes are for sports right right. But they're also like for no bunch other stuff just seems like referees. Very it was not listening. So i'm thinking that you're gonna wanna pair these. The brand name famous athlete name. Just eight hundred ninety nine dollars. Eight hundred ninety nine dollars. Yeah i super do not wanna spend that amount of money on shoes to people. Spend that much money on like sneakers. Apparently it could literally be an underground spy program for all you know. Did you see the line outside. I did see line. Yeah very weird to have that size of mine anyway. Do you have something less pricey than that. I'll of course here. You go Shoes three dollars. Oh yeah these look like something eli would wear yup. This is exactly the shoes that he wears. Okay right so do you have anything in the middle. You know something lightweight and stylish but not insanely overpriced. Not here at typical shoe store..

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