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Wanna share you can do that because they know what they're doing they won't stay you're wrong if you're a contractor like your old man like jack loney yup you i can go to lunch and learn this for engineers and contractors you go to one of their plants or their office they give you lunch yep they get you drunk and then they tell you know they'll get you no no i don't think so how much how about learn learn all about pre-cast this is this is my marketing brain as we talk right how about we get rid of the lunch and learn and we do a brunch mentioned learn for our listeners at the legacy caudill is bold ranjan yeah no you're an idea man because hanging around here the extra ninety minutes with you would be tragic and i'd rather just do it right after we recall told you shave manufactures a variety of pre cast concrete products make sure your contact shea for any uneven pre cast concrete product needs and even questions contact them ask for greg or just go to shake concrete dot com i got a question for you mute before we get to a before we get to brady hold your son's twelve twelve soon to be thirteen next birthday twelve twelve eleven and nine or my sons and i have a five year old daughter twelve eleven and nine so these three boys we'll we'll worry about your daughter another day these three boys were they they sitting and watching the halftime show with you and was forced to then have the talk already had the talk with the with the older too to so they kinda understand that they did not watch the halftime show because they don't really listen to good my wife asked my daughter she wanted i wanted to watch it she passed because she around today doing that tongue thing the chikira did if she watched i mean more than anything it's uncomfortable for me because i'm i'm sitting there watching with my wife and you're trying to pay attention yet not pay attention because you see that out there and you're just like you know because my wife's like looking at me like you enjoying this going this the j. lo or right in my age demographic and and you make a subtle comment like wow they look pretty good for many more for fifty years and forty honey you mean you weren't a jealous husband wife was watching a. rod to the selfie video during an older jalen rose fifty she's yes she you know you're sitting there and you're like wow she looks great for like fifty that inevitably gets you geel theon yeah but she actually sent me a funny no my wife sent me a funny tax text of nine hundred eighty five women was fifty and it was blanched from golden girls and then and then she said women at five and two thousand twenty and it's channel on a stripper pole which is actually pretty amazing she's too good you think ben affleck setback came to man now still has turned the now in the back of his mind what an eclectic group crew of guy she's been with ben affleck mark anthony now mark anthony that that's the tough one small scrawny guy jail i mean since you don't get you right right but she looked amazing the shows amazing i it wasn't this show but it was not for children except the children are onstage they actually had ten year old girls up there on stage i think that is wholly inappropriate you wanna have dance on a stripper pole grabbing grabiner crotch that's all well and good but then they bring the girls up including our own daughter to do a song with her and i'm thinking is can we keep the kids out of this i was wondering how a data youngsters like you handled it my guys didn't really watch it they are focused on eating the food that we had the buffalo chicken dip in some food at a time good for you were doing jose yeah and the you get you get no break at the super bowl now get to watch the commercials got to watch the halftime show got to watch the game it was funny watching the game the whole time you can at some point the chiefs are coming back mom's gonna do thing well i felt and it's always funny it's like you know last last time i was on amazon hours like so so amped to talk about the super bowl we got like two minutes of it because we got on our tangents which which i like but as i was watching that game you saw san francisco's defense it's get tired there in the last couple of minutes and it's funny the tale of two games and how everyone's remembered if you stop the game with six minutes left in the game you're going jimmy garoppolo played extremely well and could be the MVP maybe nick bosa right and patrick mahomes are gonna say this is the worst game you've seen him play 'cause he was off until six minutes a game he was terrible he was missing wide takes terrible throttles rose awful decisions because you're in fields ranging you given up points there on a bad throw he wasn't he you know he doesn't normally set his just feed all the time because he has the ability to do that because of his arm but he was just missing throws that you've seen a make because that pass russia's getting to him and then all of a sudden third and fifteen they hit the big shots at two hills the big and analysis and now everyone looks at mahomes is a real clutch guy the air to tom brady and everyone says jimmy can't handle that he and then the narrative changes he he was he had no pressure in his first two playoff games lots of pressure in the fourth quarter of the super bowl and he didn't in handle it well yeah i thought he took well he also got knocked around pretty good he missed some open guys and i i really hate the second guessing when people show that like the twitter clips lips of uh if he would've just saw someone in the flat here to get him the ball here would have been a first down easy shit bag like you're not back there with these three hundred pounders come at you mock to you with the game and you're making this decision in two seconds like i said he's got one hundred fifty million i don't see one hundred fifty more than frank clark has right now so i'll i'll take his bank account but everyone in hindsight it's easy to look back on those frozen you should've thrown here he should have done this it's not that easy and then you look at mahomes and i i think the the crazy thing is and i got bullied for saying this last year when i was talking with meter is that you said radiator well known no no no it was online i was on your radio station on talking about super bowl but i said that how brady was great when he needed to be great last year and everyone said i'm an idiot that i didn't when i was talking about because he stunk most of the game well everyone's talking about how great mahomes was but he was literally a dog for the first three and a half quarters plus of that game but he was and i said last year about this grady was br great brady was great when he needed to be great and that's the same pattern ooh ooh that was gonna come out of that in the super bowl it'd be this moment where the pressure would be great and one of these quarterbacks is gonna come through you said before the show that you thought damian williams was the MVP but i disagree there was no real MVP but mahomes won that game stepped up when he had to and won the game i'm okay we again the NBA pledged who picks her so bad but if he threw another one or if he didn't connect on that third fifteen they lose lose your your you know that that margin for error because jimi had the bomb missed it someone else could do damian williams did it wasn't special i got home does and i thought nick bowes was the best let's play on the field i thought he was great i thought he was legitimately and i think a lot of people thought that as well but you're you're right in that extent i just thought those two picks kinda tainted it in the first three and a half quarters but you look at it and you're like mahomes was great when he needed to be great when they needed him the most he was able to step up and do that just just like brady did last year against the rams and that's the sign of a great quarterback you don't you can't always be great but when your team needs you the most when you can step up and do that that's the definitely there's a feeling and i have to manage going to mahomes is going to be in the mix for the next decade with andy reid is coach with these weapons even if he has to bringing some new guys loses some guys the free agency he will be an obstacle in the AFC for the next decade which brings us the brady one of the teams on the list is the chargers the chargers have to go through the chiefs yeah and they have terrible offensive line and some people have said the brady doesn't want giselle they don't want to live in LA they don't wanna go back to LA right they sold their house with a with a moat to who's to dr drey right dr dre they don't want to go back there but we now know there are lots of teams on the brady list the latest is the daily mail reporting that there was a moving van a moving truck and there's pictures interest interest speculate we got pictures of the moving truck at the brady house in brookline and we'll hire movers when you're getting rid of a house that's something normal people do yes what you to begin with himself no shit it's going to call the office of line to come over and hey guys want to move some couches million self storage his daily mail we have someone on this that wouldn't they follow it siewert going yeah i like to know where it's moving walt my thing and it is it is interesting that he's got this beautiful beautiful house he worked hard to say pulled some strings to get it got land from pine manor right the school and i'm gonna guess got all permits not needed to build this massive house on a place that had no building in brookline a kind of a pristine spot on the country club anyway gets the house built this beautiful we've seen it was all in that brady versus time video and like couple years later gives it all up his kids kids are involved in sports they go to school you'd think they'd be some reason to stay here even if he played for another team they might wanna keep it they might want to stay there not only moving they're desperate they lowered the price eight million bucks they're desperate to sell i know real estate expert you probably know real estate expert but i know if you're trying to sell a house you don't want to start moving stuff out and look desperate to low ball bits yeah the low ball bids kids are coming in so that you're just going to drop the drop the price eight million bucks so if some real estate i don't know how desperate they are to sell.

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