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I mean he's got to fantastic racist for John and I, I think he's, he's absolutely the horse to be. I always always get surprised when I see John Scott, one in Turkey. Or somewhere else because hasn't been his MO to ship around the country. But, but he's, he's learning the ropes and he's doing a great job with it. So I think he's got a big chance king Zachary interests me because Graham motions taken over his training and going from Dale Romans born to Graham motions barn is a whole different kind of thing. So I think I think it's going to be interesting to see how he develops I might throw him on some tickets by curling. I think he he likes Churchill and in seeking the soul. He's a hard horse to leave off your ticket. I mean I just don't see how you wanna get by seeking the soul Churchill. It's not it doesn't fit well for me. So I might use all four of them on. I'm gonna make a box in here gift box. I think tenfold the blinkers have really helped tenfold. That race last time out was nice effort. Now that was special. Maybe he just wants some more ground. Maybe doesn't use him topics. It'd be Shida surprised by this love them last year. In the Woodward, I thought he ran the previous Cup. The do by race. You know, medium break that day and I, I don't hold it by race against anybody. He's been training Foley at Saratoga since I don't love his draw, but he's one of these horses that makes up a tunnel around. So I don't know if the draw really needs anything towards like he's going to be at the back and Nick, the one run, not to bring up a sore subject, but you've got Motte and Jose Ortiz in and outside. Yeah. Thank you. That's a first thing I thought of when I thought. Power. It was five years. Six seven twelve gift box tenfold and you sheet as the box sheet as the top pick, it goes race number eighth grade to Stephen foster. We'll take a break come back wrap up the side of the Saturday night. Coverage with regret and turn up attention to Father's Day..

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