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The Bay Area is over. Our favorite team here in the bay. Yeah. We read me through that transaction list. They resigned rashawn Holmes to a four year $47 million deal, rashawn Holmes, this year's absolute winner of the contract reporting chicanery. It was originally reported a four 55 when it was not a four 55 deal. It came in at four 47, because that's what he was allowed to sign under his early bird rights. Scientists, I love the agency chicanery. It's always hilarious. It's incredible. Scientists Davis to a two year $8 million deal. They traded delan right for Tristan Thompson, which was a bit strange. They re signed moho harkless to a two year $9 million deal. They drafted davion Mitchell and nimi Keita. They signed Alex Len to a two year $8 million deal. Look, they did what they had to do this summer. They resigned rashawn Holmes to a deal that I think is phenomenal for what he is. And they drafted Davey on Mitchell and Davey on Mitchell looks absolutely great. Yeah. I don't know if they got better though. I don't know who they got better compared to other teams in the west, but I do think I think Davey on Mitchell really helps them because he is first off. He already has a bitch and Nick. He has a bitchin nickname off. It's incredible. It's an incredible name. It's so good. It's so fucking good. It hurts. He is, as you would expect from somebody his age and with his pedigree ready to rumble as you noted. He might be the talisman for some sort of a change. What's more likely is that this team is pretty much the same as it was last year. And by the way, this buddy healed situation, which had a level of toxicity to it, I think, is fair to say, has not been resolved. Marvin Bagley and all of that has not been resolved. Tristan Thompson, that's going to work out great. Everyone's really expecting big things there and not, you know, a deep level of peculiarity that will almost certainly show up come Thanksgiving. But at least they have tyrese Halliburton who's fucking awesome and dearen fox who's fucking awesome and Alex Lin might be good for him too and rashawn Holmes got paid as well he should have..

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