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I still feel pretty good about where they're at right now. But I still think that they can bounce back pretty quickly when they get Stafford and Cooper cut back and they have Aaron Donald, all that stuff. So they haven't been bothered by not having first round draft picks. The Patriots between 2013 and 2019 had four bus in the first round for completely non impact players and three years in which they did not have a first round pick. And during that time they won three super bowls. The Broncos, let's talk about the Broncos, leading up to 1995, which began their three year run of dominance. Their first round picks were Mike Kroll, Tommy Maddox Dan Williams and two years without a first round pick. Let's talk about the years leading up to the 2015 Super Bowl. They picked Sylvester Williams in the first round. Bradley Roby in the first round, Shane ray in the first route and another year in which they did not have a first round pick. So I put all this out there as evidence that Scott wolf and Brock Oswald, the year that they did not have the first time. Correct. Correct. They were not first round picks. So the point I'm making is that, yeah, first round picks are nice, but if you're telling me that I can get a coach that I believe is really going to be a difference maker for maybe the next decade, I don't hesitate. It's too important. I don't hesitate to give up an extra first round pick. All right, let me put this thing to bed real quick. Because I'm just going to, I'm not even going to play around with all right, don't play around with me, man. I'm dressing all black. Let's go. Trying to get down in the trenches. Let's go. Fire off. You're really going to trust not having first round picks to a coach that put the New Orleans Saints and salary cap hell and left, you're really going to just dive in and say, oh my goodness gracious. F them picks for now, Sean Payton said, hey, New Orleans. I'm going to sell off for the Super Bowl. And while I'm doing it, when I know we're up against the salary cap or the quarterback is gone, I'm gone. So we're really going to go and do the exact same thing in a different place where there's less loyalty for Sean Payton. We're going to put them in the exact same situation. That sounds kind of ridiculous to me. In the free agency era, the salary cap era, any team that has a good amount of success at some point is going to have to pay the bill. At some point, we saw it with the saints, we seen it with the rams. In some respects it happened with the Patriots. It happens. It happened. With the Broncos, it was, it was different because Peyton was such a unique circumstance. When did we see it with the Patriots? As well, because I remember Jamie Collins accent for more money and I remember hearing stories about Bill Belichick from media members, but also to people who were in that locker room. Teammates of mine that I had in college that, hey, Jamie Collins wanted more money. We didn't want to give it to him. So he just was traded to the Cleveland Browns. What have they done in the last few years? Tom Brady ever just up against the salary cap as well. It takes the culture, the culture of it. When you have the right culture, when you have the right head coach and it says, hey, this is what we're doing for a Super Bowl. And nobody's going to get the superstar treatment. Yes, there's a way to make that happen. I'm not trusting Sean Payton with that way, especially with all the loyalty that the New Orleans Saints had behind John Payton and watching what he did out there. Here in the reports of Sean Payton right now yesterday, four year deal, $25 million a year. A $100 million for four years. Why not? Let's do it. The crazy thing, the crazy money that we hand out to players, we're not willing to hand out to a coach after the debacle of head coaches that we've seen around here for the last several years. With the same roster and Nathaniel Hackett head. You were out and came in and scored 55 points in two games. That was two games, you think. So you think that Jerry Rosberg if given the 55%. You want Jerry Rosberg to be your head coach? No, I don't want to rush. I just think that you don't have to shoot for the stars in the situation. You don't have to give up everything for a coach that they're clearly are some red flags behind. I will debate that more. We've got four down territory coming up next.

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