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And that's what I chose. You know so you have to expect that things can happen. You know I have some friends that I travel with. I have to say there are a lot easier than I am. So we'll go to a hotel that they hadn't already check out online to see the rooms and when they get there some of them have to change rooms two or three or four like. I really don't care I'm going out so I think you have to have that willingness to accept the unknown except that it's it's not going to be seamless but that's part of the adventure and sometimes adventures are the memories on the right uh-huh. I mean I don't think you come back and you say Oh yes. I stated this lovely hotel on the hotel no hotel no don s mooring. You know you tell me about I met this past. We went on this wild adventure. I met them randomly coffee shop saying they will come due to a dinner and I said my God of Cross and the next thing I made fucking crazy party at someone's house right and you know what you wouldn't get that that experience out of a guidebook cont cont put down yet look please. I guess we should talk about a little bit of Los Angeles handles because you are so quintessentially Los Angeles and found Los Angeles but I think if people think about the food scene of Los Angeles. It's you you. My posited comes to mind. Allah was never a food town much have the best view what it was. It was just not recognize because when we okay so when people thought about food they thought about food being cooked by a foodie that makes sense to our listeners okay. They didn't think about all of the neighborhoods that Los Los Angeles has more than anywhere else in the country where the people are cooking their food. I mean so many ethnic neighborhoods in Los Angeles where the food has always been so wonderful and so I think when people started recognizing the food of immigrants as food all of a sudden people started I started looking at Los Angeles where we always supported that food and that food culture we'll because in some ways they did this offensive thing in America where they called food that wasn't in parenthesis American. They called exotic exotic. I mean to me that's racist. Yes every it's all those bands yes but I think the Los Angeles to me. I I was a lover often Los Angeles. If you had to be closed lower and by the way I never I never defended it when when people would ask me where you from it I would say Los Angeles hate eight. Los Angeles terrible city I wouldn't I wouldn't defend it because I understood why people had that feeling. This is the city you have to spend time in to get to know even just the distant yet just just because of that yes. I feel like Los Angeles on me up. It's a city that's moving mhm and that I love when I come. I find myself mesmerized every time and sort of a little sad. I'm leaving but I'm a New Yorker. which is you know we were never supposed? I love loss and now we were supposed to deny or settlements. You're supposed to hate Los Angeles. It feels like every time I'm Mike God. I'm someone you like what is now yeah. Of course it's gentrifying. Yep and natural massively in this obviously two hugh sides to that but hopefully we have. It's California's the business oversight hand. It's not an Saif is a overrule hand. That's positive might website. We're going to try and make this as sustainable and ecologically as possible in a major city. I think the mayor has done an amazing job. I think that he's doing his best. The produce something about the homeless I was GonNa say the homelessness is just I wish it was that simple you know but it's just out of control now. I'm tired of saying that's the thing that I'm looking kind of thing like the homeless is what a problem. We need to do these mass shootings. It's terrible right. Are we hearing I'm sick. Oh yeah now it is true and it's not happening. Fast enough is the problem and it's getting worse and I have to say I haven't seen homeless the homeless situation at this grandeur anywhere else in the country. It is the worst here right now. Maybe what I want to end little chat with is. Maybe we want you to tell me. Something really are small about you something that you're not sharing. That's been in your hand something that you like. No one's ever asked me well. No one's ever asked me and I don't I have to say I don't feel like I'm unique in this feeling. I obviously have gotten a lot of notoriety. I've gotten a lot of awards I have successful. Businesses People's taught me on the street all those kinds of acknowledgment and yet like not even deep down. Tom Just a little bit down. I'm always thinking like when are they. GonNa find out that I'm really an impostor that I'm not that talented and I don't really we know what I'm doing and somehow I make it work and I've been fooling them all and you can't shake that feeling I have not feelings too yeah and I am in no way you but half the age remember but I have two. I think it is that it's a deep insecurity. I'll have that we allow others to check value system. You know now I'm putting upon on constantly putting a creative hundred into the world and for the first time it's not a magazine or the New York Times or eleven writing for directing. Can't I'm directing this with my wonderful producer and we he's Mike Creative ally but I'm scripting it. It's it's my thing so here on putting putting my soul yeah everything out into the world and I'm going. How do we value this. Oh it's downloads and streams in advertising advertising dollar and that's petrifying to me because I'm only interested in the construction and destruction auction of the creative process. The rest of the stuff is like I've never had to think of myself like that and value myself like that because I've probably he constructed a world around me that I didn't have to because Farquaad if I'm not good yeah and what does that mean you know. I think it's hard to put a value. You want a creative expression and you've taken your creativity. People pay money for it. Of course you have to be like a when my worth hundred dollar ticket at lunch and my worth the bill and that's fucking scary it is but maybe it's okay hey because every day when when I feel like Oh my God like what is this now. I just have to stand in. My posture can say only you. John Lewis the risk of ood manner but it's fucking tough ideas and I am my harshest critic for myself but I don't feel like I make a judgmental person and I'm always looking to judge people. I'm not but I do judge myself but you success a new so wonderful news from Sweden and you so what does the judge. I'll let you know what I am on your show next time. If I figured out what that was you can ask me that I might Mike and we'll thank you thank you. What a pleasure. Oh my God what a pleasure that you didn't ask me what my last meal would be or four. If I had to design my perfect dinner party alive or dead you know who would those be. It's like look what what is like to be a woman in the kinship. INFLEC- woman.

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