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Now, I am not vegan, but I'm enjoying experimenting and eating more. More plant based foods. And so my plan is to have probably a seventy seventy five percent diet of plant based food and twenty five percent the rest. So I, I think that's a fair plan. And so going to a chain like bear burger and seeing this tremendous embracing of the vegan diet. I was very happy. Also for the first time I got to go to the green room, forty to the beautiful, and elegant performance space in the super cool. Yo, tell on tenth avenue and forty second street. They've done a wonderful job in the upstairs area where there's a restaurant, and there's a bar in an outdoor space in a coffee. Shop while there's the green room forty to be useful beautiful elegant space. The sound in. There is great. It's clear. It's not over modulated as many of these spaces are that I don't like the sound is awesome. It's elegant the food that we sampled very nice. I saw the new show. Peggy Lee in her own words and music, which is a one woman show starring Katie Huffman, which was conceived by. Katie and Willman Ziada will also wrote in directed the peace and the marvelously talented. Katie Huffman is luminous and heartbreaking at the same time as miss Peggy league bore. Norma Deloris extra Fargo, North Dakota. What great stories and great songs. We heard during the hour and ten minutes of the show. I learned a lot about this groundbreaking singer and writer did not realize she wrote so much. So the performances have concluded at green forty two, but I'm sure that there will be life after this run. So keep your ears open for Peggy Lee in her own words and music starring Katie Huffman, directed and written by Willmann Ziada. Okay. On the show today. I have the internationally renowned soprano Monica Yunus, who's performed all over the world including the Metropolitan Opera. She sung with plus Domingo and Josh Grogan. She will be on the show today to talk about an arts organization. She co founded called sing for hope bringing song to communities and providing music in public. Faces sing. For hope has this incredible annual program, what they do is, they match fine artists painters with pianos so that the artist can paint the piano with a theme. It's fantastic. These pianos are then placed in public spaces for a period of time so that anyone can play the piano. They have fifty of them, and then the piano gets a permanent home somewhere in venue or school somewhere visible. It's truly an amazing program, and I'm thrilled to have opera singer Monica Yunus on the show. Then there's a new streaming network where you can watch content related to theatre a full feeder channel called stage network. And one of the founders Bobby traverse will be on with me to talk about how this started and how you can watch it and an entrepreneur, who's a food enthusiast who spent a lot of time in Japan and miss the electic snacks, he so enjoy there. So in back in the states he decided to start a subscription company importing Japanese snacks. It's called buck sue. Dan? Tang will be on the program and last week, we had a little glitch on the show, a little technical difficulty. It happens it happens. And so we lost about five minutes of my conversation with actor director and award winning producer Janna Robbins. I'm such a huge advocate fan proponent of the current production of fiddler on the roof in Yiddish. I don't want you to miss a minute of the conversation. Jenna, and I had so I'll be playing what was lost last week. As a reminder, you can always hear the show bagels and Broadway after airs on podcast on the AM nine seventy website. Okay. Okay. We'll time now for Broadway. Bulletin the scoped newscast about all things theater. Seven-time Tony nominated play.

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