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Do you All right, coming up on 7 15. That's 700 wlw. We have Karen Travers out. We will have nothing. Alex Parrish, A in here momentarily. Brian's here first. What is shaking in your world earlier this week told you, the city Health Department did contact tracing Couldn't find any connection between covert cases here and opening day in Cincinnati and people gathering in the new Dora at the banks. There were some Little question that story on Twitter after we posted it. But yesterday we got more confirmation that that was the case, this time from the Hamilton County Health Department Health Commissioner Great Testament. Was asked about it yesterday said that they have done contact tracing of local cases as well and have found no connection whatsoever. Anyone being in the door Either contacting covert or spreading it to somebody else. Hey, said that you know, the CDC said earlier this week that you're almost 20% or 20. Times less likely to capture the virus outside then you are inside, he says. That seems to be bearing out on the staff that they've seen. Okay. Coming up Our news 7 30, We will talk more about the rain falling in the tri state this morning. The possibilities for flooding this afternoon the tales of 15 minutes news radio 70 Oww! Thanks, sir. And we move on the Washington here. It's NBC's Alex Parrish. A joining US and Alex. Good to have you How you doing? I'm doing Well, Mike, how are you? Fine. Thank you. Same to you. All right? The president spoke last night. As we know, Will you not a lot of money, a lot of money to spend 1.8 trillion and Children, families and education. And some say with Well it does it transforms. A lot of ways Sort of who pays for what is what it comes down to eyes. This any of these numbers been run through fact, check Yes. So this $1.8 trillion We're talking about the American families Planet. It focuses on education and child here. Um, it's a part of that is is universal pre K. Also two years of free community college. Uh, this is a plan that that that that spans over over about 10 years. There's also some tax credits for her family's, uh, embedded in that the President Jang That he plans to pay for it by closing some of those 2017 trump tax cuts and also raising taxes on the wealthiest 1% of Americans. But as you mentioned it, a lot of money being spent here, that's part of one or that's just one of a handful. Of trillion dollar plans that the president pitch last night is another one on infrastructure, which is a $2.3 trillion plan that vice President Kamila hairs Well will be leading Immigration is another one. He pitched a gun control as as well. But what was interesting about last night? If I may? Is this, it really struck me of the speech. Um, trying to bring the nation together. He pitched his vision of getting one people. One nation one America, which look, it's a stark contrast for you know, when we saw a lot of the members in that chamber last there Many of them hadn't been back since the January six seed on Capitol Hill on so look going forward the viability of some of these plans. They think that gun control with heads up as a, you know, a high hill decline. Immigration certainly has its challenges. I think the one that that it seems like there's some good movement on right now is probably infrastructure. We know Republicans have pinged a smaller bill. But certainly you know, we we've seen a lot of Ah, lot of a lot of talk on both sides talking about there being something some common ground there. What was the gun control proposal? What were the specifics? I wasn't up that late to be honest. I mean, it's because most of the time when the proposal comes up, it's not something that would address anything that's happened recently. What did the president proposed? So the president's proposing some symptoms and sweeping changes. Whatever comes to background checks, also private cells, but we know that that's been a sticking point for for some Republicans. Um, So I can tell you that there are senators like Pat Toomey and in Chris Murphy, who have already started discussing measures that might grab some Republicans support like increasing certain types of background checks. Um, help passed a gun control measure already. That has little support among Republican senators. Um, but again, I mean, I think that in particular is eyes is going to be hard, no decline. All right. Sadly, all the time we have, but Alex per se appreciate yours, and we'll do it again. Somewhere down the road. Thank you, Mike. Good day. See,.

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