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What kind of healthcare since do you want what do you mean let's talk about unthinkable live with reverend jesse jackson in one eight six six five nine four one eight six six five nine four two seven three so wbo in the morning hip hop artist should not be shaping the narrative for what's happening in the black community we have david dan the banner so as you've been listening he can tell me now we have this in a generational thing that's going to me about your lucid i i agree with him on your spirit at brother thank you i would put too much pressure all here plot and hit blocked by about the culture the wvu morning joe use jackson at charles thomas said six pm on the talk of chicago sixty money wdbo with this is why are you work so hard to pay the mortgage because home is more than four walls and roofs it's the port swing and the summer night his pyjamas with seat and everybody over for sunday dinner and at all stuff chair in the living room you just can't get rid this is one you.

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