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Dr Leman, Kevin Lehman, Adam discussed on KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman with Katie Green


Hope you didn't forget speed over the drug store the supermarket to get your card that you might have for god's and my advice you guys do something just got a card if the if that's even if she says no she who want to get a card yeah writer note do something exactly even they say even a hand hand written note Dr Leman a Kevin Lehman a relationship back through Adam on early in the week said and sometimes a little hard fell no two means more than anything else it's true I I have a a post it note in my wallet that drew wrote me the first time I ever had to go solo on their show and I carry with me every day that is so cattle means more to me than a I you know a card with you know Snoopy on it or something J. look at me I'm like the ground like I'm the Grinch is there a Valentine's day Grange or can we create one now will it Katie would you be mad if you got your card let me mad yeah yeah I mean I wouldn't get mad at am I you know Tom thanks and giving a kiss and while that's sweet okay yeah okay but I I just I don't want him to feel like he has to make an extra stop today to go do that you know I mean well guys make the extra stop okay I'm just telling you it's an experience of this before celebrating with twentieth Valentine's day with the awesome so Sussman being with me is like a science project so I don't listen to me I don't know what I'm talking about a tomboy I don't know I mean I'm sorry it's taken me but I'm deleting them this one avocado by the way so I'm like a really weird individual taking his sweet time I really I really I don't I have my coffee which means my bones are growing to be strong others all right well I'll give away from that avocado for just a little bit longer here is.

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