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Ten rentals you guys are gonna play against each other on combat against each other jewish yeah. I don't know where we are in the best steaks. I'm willing to keep throwing thrown losses on losses here. I don't mind and i'm pretty sure. I'm like ten collectors. These my she's auto out another one to the pile up on you. And i would also point. None of newbies paid up. Now i i'm just by you a dear lovely parter spa. We got the dj avail ago. We're gonna have to ask suits and find out what everyone's uttered. Dj dj knows genesis very go. So we're let's say kieran pick details by site. And i go. Hat's it's tails so. Dj would you like to go. First or second in true heart gamer fashion album. I all right So the first riddle is the mortgage the maury leave behind. What am i the more you take the maury leave behind this. This might not be great contents. As i sit here for trying to the railway the opportunity to still cairn if deejays l. this so i'm just thinking of a very juvenile joke with which to stale so don't worry about it did it. I'm pretty tempted to pass right mind. Pass all right here. i'll say apu pu. The borey lee bought. Do you know what i'm gonna give it to you. Let's go actually correct. I if if the answer mixed technical sense. I'm gonna give it to you. Dj's express his is like this is literally like northern ireland. Just got disqualified for a streaker taking you penalty or something so not on the answer. I on the anti-han was footsteps. But that's a good way of course seem snake by suicide just not coup beside you. That was when to the poop conspiracy for this season. I can i can tell going not me dine. Pay off these ten collectors. Listen through nylon. I talked about it. Although i talked about it. And we need to come up with a scheme to even the odds of these collector. Russillo disgrace here. I i hope everybody else. Voices their displeasure. Well let us know on twitter. You know so can attend it to directly to me. And i'll let dj. No tally was all right. So question to karen what comes once in a minute twice in a moment but never in a thousand years once in a minute watson. a moment never has years. I was going to be a ladder. Correctness carrying it. An easy ones to go nolan. All right all right figure that has read it. What has many keys but can never open a single door a a piano correct. That's actually a pianissimo is actually answer you very close but incorrect. Could i have also said church oregon. Could i also said accordion could also said harpsichord as i said. Pianissimo is the only correct dancer. You have failed. I'm jeremy paxman over here. Monaco lessons to people. What is useful when it is broken. What is he useful windows broken. I don't know heart of me now. It doesn't say i was the only possible can think the ideas of i was thinking heart to be honest Obviously not the right answer given that you said it was wrong so useful when bergen new idea. I'm egg over so suddenly. Dj okay what is black when you buy it read when you use it and white when you throw away.

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