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Chris. Mcconnell office come to space is a teacher but because she's a piece of gonna fuck six ways to sunday even data this for space to move to space. Why wouldn't you pick up lake. A las vegas prostitute. I look here's the deal you're looking at like looking at a good five years. We keep telling you to stay off the strip. You just keep showing backup. Christopher mccall or we can send you to the space station and you can do real hard work for america. Yeah and you can ball out. All the astronauts on the international space station meet some fine gentlemen from other countries. Doug scovill yeah you can borrow ball out like the dog the dogs here. And then we'll we'll have data and everybody wins like you don't need to do all the spaceship relate like you know like the fucking zero gravity testing. And we're so. You're telling me that ronald mcnair. Greg jarvis ellison unas zucca j. smith dick's gobi and judith. Resnik will all feast on christa mcauliffe when ballin all ball and ball control see. That was the whole thing at the last minute. They pulled the plug. Because they're like you know what this was to be heroes and if they get into space and it gets loose leagues no pun intended. That all. they're doing. There is rolling around in the hay. Is that your conspiracy theory that they shot down the challenge of sex in space from happening. That's a good sexiest basement. Was doug skopje's idea addicts kobe's idea michael. J. smith like i haven't been leading. An ron. mcnair. Zakharova judy resnick's. I've never done anything with women. But i'm open to assure you know i've always had uptight lovers who get jealous and and you know kristen. Mcauliffe might be the best looking teacher on the southern. You know when. I'm up there and it's been five weeks five weeks. I'm like i'm ready. I love gravity or not right. Yeah fuck gravity dam so it'd be great because it'd be the best like at this point you're talking about five and six ways it just becomes a gang bang but it's it's a loving because like chris mcauliffe will be like disco. You'll be trying to get it in and then she'll float away and then junior fast nagel taker and start looking on boobs and ship and it'll just be like nothing but really really awesome feeling for everybody and that's why they looked so happy and sprite when they were walking to the gm crv to take them to the launch pad because they had practiced the night before water. And let me tell you why that was a a real seen and heard it here first. Yeah the challenger what they're doing is they're challenging sex laws challenging where people belong in terms of sex they're also challenging positions norms normative positions. We could come up with a brand new position. Do an entire new suit or up there. Yeah the com- cosmic sutra s and no one the wiser sixpence on the wiser. And we come back and they would ask me. Okay dick's kobe. What was it like You know testing out if a koala can live and spending like it was a good There's not my favorite part and But it was good. No what was your favorite part. He's like that's classified and then yes looks to kristen wink. Chris husband's very confused. What am and then crystal doesn't want to do it. I feel conflicted. Because the i had literally had sex. That was out of this world seriously. Yeah legitimate out of the world but instead they blew up survived and it's like nasa has millions of dollars and the only thing up. There was a mattress with no sheets on it and stains like this is what we're supposed to use. They're like yeah it's floating mattresses floating all around the cabin and they're like pins mattress down half a bottle of swiss navy blue that prince all over it. Now ron mcnair is trying to over ron. Mcnair mcnair the earliest member of the group. And you're the only one with the moustache. Please hold the mattress down. So ellison zucca can go yard on judy resnik while greg jarvis and christa mcauliffe watch and do mutual masturbation the ronald reagan said. We're supposed to do it. We're going to say no to the president. One person said none of the president from brady second conspiracy. Oh my god steve. Hurley was up there as well directing traffic. Their is waiting for you. All right. i got in there. Aren't spacey god. You're transmissions from the space shuttle challenger walk picked up by radio. Stay like a radio station. In italy we have this exclusive suppressed from ham ham radio. As do i need them. Care selected we re finally fishermen found. This was nothing but bakanov for weeks. Probably get tired of having all the sex and space on no in space ice cream bologne town. I'm gonna come on fitna come. And then he pulled out the hood the hose. Yeah you gotta come in the house are it's gonna they're like. Oh and then you know. Michigan trolls like Michigan charles challenges. Understanding guys are having a good time up there. Lots of the live to the doctor. Spock shows up and saw finding bones. It's god it dr. Not a porn star and they've blown new civilization with these run out of gas dot. Catherine kirk baragan doctor. Spock and bones. Show up in life is out there goddamn. We're here from the future. The future past. We just wanna make we wanna see what's going on. The ship appear star airspace. And then the mcnair. So that's not the only thing that these women raised lying around all from fucking all day. I know i'd be exhausted from fucking zero gravity all day near like this is george jetson shows with room jared saw and then daughter members and qatar. Judy judy is looking good at photo. That live photo elroy dirty. Show up go wild. And then they throw them in the next. Mayor's decision for children will make an exception for young elroy. Jetson eating out kristie mccullough points like i'm just thinking of my students back home.

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