President Trump, Senator Jack Johnson, Paul Manafort discussed on Phil Valentine


Jack Johnson was sworn in as majority leader in Randy McNally, overwhelmingly reelected as Lieutenant governor, by the way, the state Senator Jack Johnson he'll join Brian Wilson. Tomorrow morning at seven oh five on Nashville's morning news. Well, let's let group of Republicans are expected to meet with vice President Mike Pence just before President Trump makes a primetime address tonight funding for the border wall remains at the center of the partial government shutdown reports say Trump's speech will not call for a national emergency. But it will keep building on a case for the wall. Stay with super talk ninety nine seven WTN for the speech will carry it live at eight o'clock as well as the Democrats response new cart. Documents filed by lawyers for President Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort show, he met with Russian intelligence officials shared polling data with them Shimon broker Pez details the court filing. Says that Paul Manafort net traveled to Madrid and met with a Russian intelligence officials. Someone the FBI has simply said was working for the Russian government at some point and shared polling data from the presidential campaign. This is when he was the chairman campaign in two thousand sixteen in entertainment news charges may be filed in Georgia against R&_B singer our Kelly following lifetimes docu series, reviving ARA Kelly, according to TMZ, the Fulton County district attorney's office has opened an investigation into allegations made during the six episode docu series which aired last week in the episode. Several women spoke about claiming they were sexually assaulted and held a sex slaves. By the singer inside is Atlanta mansion and Chicago recording studio that is the latest. It's brought to you by electronic express traffic,.

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