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Yes. I believe that there that the FBI to your point is is it should be compelled to do its job in terms of doing the completing their background investigation. And that's not being done Harris's, blaming the White House and Justice department for not giving up direction to the FBI on this matter. Well, but that would take a long time if they were going to do a background check on this particular party. They would have to nail down. You know, try to nail down who was there. Start talking to people interviewing people individually were that were at the party that to start with when and where. Because nobody's sure of that. That'd be difficult which is also a effing impossible. Which is also why it was interesting to me that cavenaugh came out yesterday and said I was not at that party. I thought that was a weird move. He's a lawyer. He knows better than me. But I just thought that was a weird move. I don't remember anything about this. And I was not at that party seems incongruous to me. What did she say? Did she say the town the party was Bethesda? Yeah. I again, that's not a conclusion I would need that explained to me. I could not say with certainty. I was never at a party in a particular town or part of town or anything I no way from way back then not a chain for the record. The Justice department signal that the FBI does not plan on reopening Kavanagh's background check for now noting. It forwarded information about Ford's allegation to the White House consistent with federal guidelines, and I quote, the F this DOJ spokes whole the FBI's role in such matters is to provide information for the use of the decision makers. That was that's the only thing Cavanaugh has said so far that I thought what the only, but again, he's a lawyer he's being coached on this. I'm just surprised and said somebody said you were at a party in one thousand nine hundred eighty five in great bend, Kansas. I'd say I I couldn't say I've never been to a party there. I don't think I have. But I I certainly couldn't swear to it. As far as background checks. Go ABC's chief legal analyst, Dan Abrahams weighed in the FBI is not investigating crime here with the FBI is doing is effectively a background check. And what the Democrats want is that investigation to continue and the issues going to be does that investigation move forward. Do they spend a lot more time on that? Or does it simply become a question of watching him testify again and potentially hurt? I thought the best thing Cavanaugh said so far is she must have me mistaken with somebody else because that is such a believable story..

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