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Is on track to looking for a new permanent president and CEO now that les Moonves has been ousted Moonves stepped down last night after the New Yorker published another round of allegations from women who accused moon Vasif sexual misconduct who invest is doing anything. That would warrant a dismissal. If an internal probe at CBS feels to prove otherwise though, the network says it will pay moon vests up to one hundred twenty million dollars from Washington. This is NPR news. A rare glimpse into North Korea celebration of its founding culminates into another spectacle in Pyongyang for national day. And unlike previous here's a themes are parents less about military might and more about economic promise NPR's, Merle, Louise, Kelly's in Pyongyang this. Final rally featured thousands likely tens of thousands of students all dressed alike, all carrying torches, which they use to form slogans and images North Korean leader, Kim Jong own did not make an appearance he did show up for a couple of events but gave no speeches during a long weekend of anniversary celebrations part of what seems to be a new strategy less rhetoric. More economic growth NPR's, Mary Louise Kelley reporting from Pyongyang the domestic box office winner over the weekend is the non earning an estimated fifty three and a half million dollars in ticket sales NPR's Trina Williams reports none set a record for the conjuring franchise with the win. The numb becomes the best open for the conjuring. Series. Then also becomes the second. Biggest September opening besting twenty fifteen hotel Transylvania to end the number becomes the second. Best r rated horror movie after hit. The abbey..

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