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They they just wanted to to burn it so they tried to burn it only thing burned with the tires but that's what we were actually arrested for and we had been like doing our cooking cleaning and you know whatever uh during the evening at night and then it early morning we'd go back into the desert or this one morning um we may be left a little late term you know whatever but these jeeps came up and um i hid under a bush and and a lot of the along the people were were arrested my could i was close enough i can hear the walkietalkies and all of that and you know this just to show you you know how i'm still i'm afraid i'm not ready to you know jump out and say you know pick me take me i'm thinking of mining them to this bush and giving away with donald trump is going to be so proud of me you know so i'm still seeking his you know like a child seeking their parents you know approval um what seems crazy to me now but uh some work of the people were arrested and taken away and then um it turns out kathy gallison i were were left and a few days later charlie shows up with susan atkins and and bruce davis and then the police sure so uh you know arrest us susan atkins gets taken to la county jail with because she has a warrant for her arrest and while she's there she starts um telling her cell made all about charlie in this race war and then she then she starts telling her how her involvement in it and so then we need all get you know this is now two more like two months later we all get taken to the the uh la who testify in front of the grand jury and this is the for after not having drugs having good food i'm not in in the cell with all the girls um which we had been because it's just a small jail um i'm in front of the bailiff at the grand jury and he and check out for help and so then when i went back to in your county v separated me from the other girls and uh all the.

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