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I'm Meg bulls. Our next story is from tamra Jenkins. It was told back in two thousand two and in those early days of the moth, it was a miracle. We managed to record the stories at all. And unfortunately, the audio from this particular show is a bit rougher than usual, but we loved it. And we hope you will too. Here's Sammer Jenkins live at the mock. After my parents split up. I was living in my mother's house in our old house on Yarmouth wrote in Philadelphia with my mother and my little brother and one Christmas morning. I came down the stairs. And underneath the tree. There were all these really large scale gifts. And they were all addressed to me, and I rip them open, and it was luggage in all different shapes and sizes and with his beautiful floral print, and I said, oh my God. Mom, there's so many of them. And she said, well, you know, when you go on a big trip. It's nice to have a matching set and who's going on the big trip. And she said, you are end your little brother, you know, your father gives me no help here. I'm sending you both out to California to live with him. So now, I'm Lynn, California. And I've been living with my father for like ten years. And and at this point, I'm fifteen and my little brothers eleven and my father's sixty eight years old. He's not a young, man. But you know, he's doing okay, and we're going along, and it all seems fine until one day. My father's girlfriend offers him this deal and her name is Reta Hirsch field. And she she's a widow a two-time widow. And she she's my father's age. She's put a little money aside, not a lot. But enough when she says to my father, look, Manny, you can either go into old age in style. You can move into my condominium complex with with with all the amenities. And all that that affords my swimming bowl, the the laundry room and the free parking me and my Hamilton collection of limited edition gone with the wind plates. Or you could continue living with those kids of yours in that crappy rental apartment on Lana. Good boulevard that you can barely afford. So that sort of what it came down to either the condominium or the kids and my father went with the condo. So now it's like eighteen years later, and I'm living in the east village. And I'm like thirty three years old. And I'm and I haven't seen my father very much during the course of this time. So one day the phone rings and the answering machine picks up, and it's my father's girlfriends daughter, read Hirsch, fields daughter. She lives in Hawaii. And she says Aloha. I just thought you should know that my mother read Hirsch field has had a stroke, and we had to hire twenty four hour home healthcare worker to attend to her needs. And Tammy the fact of the matter is your father's not getting any younger either and actually Tammi. The fact is he won't dress himself, and he's wandering around the apartment in the nude, and he's showing up at the dinner table, nude, and he's like a nudist, and and and we're really concerned, and we are paying Alonzo to take care of our mother, not your father, and we we don't think it's fair. And I don't know what kind of people you are you don't even talk to your father your bunch of savages. And then she said L, and I also want you to know that your father's in the hospital. I mean, it's nothing serious. It's apparently routine, but I just thought you should know Aloha. So my brother, my big brother, and I we fly out to California to meet with a Lonzo into check out the situation of the home healthcare worker, and we strike up a deal with him that we're going to give him, you know, we're going.

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