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We'll funnier so final hour on a friday once again there's been a very eventful week it is going to plays durable week and i look forward to spending more time with you next week thank you for being a part of the program with the believable yeah i was so we can would never ended well done i know i did this should just wish i could do should the whole weekend that's what i want to be a very six twenty we're going to bet here outline you're gonna here why this guy thinks i'm in a hole former i know you were farmer i know you green on rob but it we did well they're added it contained and they don't so the funny to me because this is actually something we've been talking about behind the scenes able to a dose of a halted yes i'd be peril merrill's three beers getting some grief right now the the fashion so group says that merrill strip is now but going to wear should now to the years maybe you can only him because the you know i'm a dude for me getting presses a matter of covering up my my nimbly some betts and so this that that matching is even a challenge for me alright until i met my wife i believe you could where any hat with any shirt because your face was a buffer zone and should be in for me that is not the case i think it logic better right this is true too if us if all you're just walking to my wife and say tell me of the buffer zone so okay so i'm not tonight exaggerating so whatever i see these these are the grammy is in the season the all the other with threat every so what the red who are you win right that's the big.

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