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Off the ice and how we prepares its special. We're getting a moment of silence in the building The passing up Mattis Kivlan Cus, The 24 year old goaltender for the Columbus Blue Jackets, was very sad news that Hockey world woke up to this morning. After watching eight family. He suffered a severe head injury yesterday in Slovakia, his home country and we know will recognize a moment of silence for the passing of Mattis Blancas. The commissioner and now the singing up tonight's national anthems from Bell Center in front of Game four of the Stanley Cup finals. Please rise. Remove your hands camp for the singing of the National Anthony, by mark of you accompanied on the organ budget can be born. Oh, say, can you t by the answer Lie who are so proud? Lovely. We held how the twilight Last believing boost brushed rides and bright stars to the barrow Love. Five right for the right and parts. We you are watch who were so gallant, please reeling. Am the Rockets race to the heavens. First E.

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