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Welcome back to fast money, despite all the doom and gloom. They're work. You surprising. Bright spots in the beat in this market about Janis at the new York Stock Exchange with a look at them. Hey, bob. Hello, melissa. There weren't a lot of bright spots. But we just love Motown here. So there were a few included retailers like Abercrombie and buckle in Burlington. They were all double digits gap with strong as well. Macy's was up fractionally on the week. And we had the automotive stocks by heavens. We saw a Woosh of buying in the last two days everything from group one auto motive GM and Ford moved up mid single digits. That's amazing. The home building stocks. This is another group that's had the stuffing beaten out of it had a comparatively strong week as well. We had good earnings who pulled to helping with toll Lenore, we're DR Horton all into the green volume has been especially heavy in the home building group. It's down about twenty percent month. In fact, they were buying home builders like crazy at the bottom of this morning. The volume was huge in that has a lot of traitors complaining why? Because traders want to see a tradable bottom. That's what they want. What is it going to be over? And they don't see the signs of it yet. They think the sentiment is still too positive a lot of them and they point to. The huge rally. We had that the s&p rose sixty points in the middle of the day. What the conventional wisdom is the economy is good. A lot of these stocks are oversold it washed out, and it's time to buy them. Well, these guys they won't send them in to be a lot more negative. They want the vix much higher. If not in the fifties. Like it wasn't February. Okay. At least in the mid thirties or higher. That's why most traders I talked today. Felt that today didn't settle anything that it was an indeterminate day. And I'd have to with them on that one having weekend Melissa about one question here on the home builder's the traders are upset because there was heavy volume on the upside in the in the home builder's, and we didn't see that wished to the downside in terms of Chilean. They want even more negative sentiment. Overall. They think people are now picking bottoms when the most beaten up groups like I said, just with the home builder's there and the automotive stocks and that this still to generically positive. Okay. There are the washed out now. Let's buy them. All right. They want. Nobody interested at all

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