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There will be no spice girls reunion because mel c and melby failed to make the cut which was mill see oh is she the one that like the fighter mel c one of those scary that scare the fighter yeah yeah i'm thinking of the one mill so yeah the ones on america's at teller right now to find your then that's melby no ginger spice redheaded oh baby ffices blonde scary spice is on america's got talent the other ones the fighter i don't know what they should fight or flight thrice sporty yeah tell me what you want video he's like doing moves sporty and scary the are not invited how many are there total five posh posh by his advisors victoria beckham course yes the royal wedding the drama john is gonna perform you know what i like about this wedding though not inviting him feel about the show and my get together morial day my house and do whatever you want everybody i'd like to pass out another reputation right now here you hear you go like to pass out invitation to our phone screener hillary and yeah hillary do you accept this invitation imitated yes yes will once lavin man one cloth anyway who's invited guests let's let me check on here's the guest list thank you very much my.

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