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I five in the Federal Way area bumper to bumper traffic at highway eighteen it's going to continue to be slow all the way down through the five curve. And along the way I had heard there was a collision of some sort at the truck scales. And it looks like that one's off to the side. According to one of our callers, southbound four zero five quite heavy in Bellevue from northeast eight. Th tha coal creek southbound I five slow from the U district through downtown Seattle in Lynnwood south. I five is really struggling from the Alderwood interchange down past to twelve as you head towards Mountlake terrace. And that's because of a crash that's actually on the shoulder. Your next KOMO traffic at three twenty four and the Puget Sound. Forecasts are in for temperatures will be down in the forties again tonight and a chance of a few showers possibly tomorrow, but really were into more of a drying trend as you go through the rest of the week temperatures though or going to remain cool in the upper forties to lower fifties. And with sunshine in downtown Seattle. Now, it's fifty six at three fifteen. Stay connected. Stay informed. Komo news. Sponsored by Mercedes Benz of Seattle with Rick van Cise in for Lisa Jaffe, I'm Tom Glasgow. We have Bill O'neil at the editor's desk. 'cause we take a look at some of the day's top stories. We'll turn out this election day remains high everywhere, including locally the latest count from King County elections this afternoon shows fifty six percent of registered voters have cast ballots so far an interim spending election day calling allies tweeting endorsements and following news coverage after concluding a six day rally blitz in Missouri last night and can hear full election coverage tonight at six on. Komo news one thousand citizen this country. It's a it's a privilege to do this and not miss it. A voter in Kentucky today, making his voice heard in the election. So what congressional agenda is on each party's docket. Once one of them retains or takes control of the house. We talk about this with ABC's. Lana Zak, she joins us from Washington. So let's talk about maybe the longer of the two shots based on polling, and we learned a couple of years ago. That's nothing. You certainly hang your hat on Lana. If Republicans maintained control of the house, what will be their primary objective is moving forward. Immigration, the closing argument from President Trump has been immigration at the top of the list for Republicans something that they want to do something about something that he has also said that Democrats are unwilling to work on that we know that that Republicans and Democrats came together and presented a bipartisan Bill on immigration reform that the president rejected. But nonetheless, he has said that as long as his party is in control of things immigration is going to be their number one issue in January. What about the Democrats if as many expect they do regain control of the house? Well, even if they regained control of the house, Tom they're not likely to gain control of the Senate. It's possible. But according to the latest poll team, blessed likely, and and Democrats are are spending more seats than Republicans when it comes to the Senate would. White. Sorry, minority leader Nancy Pelosi has said we'll be on the top of their agenda is healthcare. But they're unlikely to be able to do much more than block Republican efforts to repeal and replace ObamaCare. They've also said that there are interested in working together with Republicans on on things that have bipartisan consensus such as infrastructure. But the big thing that Democrats will gain if they actually take control of the house is the Pena power, and that might be where they put a lot of their their energy. If that is the case is there a fine line for them lawn and not to in essence overplay their hand. I'm sure heading into a twenty twenty election in which they would like to reclaim the White House. They're going to want to present a case that they did more than just zero in on the president that they actually tried to move in agenda forward for the country. Is that fair to say, I think you nailed it, Tom. I think when it comes to independent voters when it comes to moderate voters. Would they don't want to see why a lot of them are casting ballots in favor of the opposition party in this election is a respond to the vitriol to the fighting to the negativity that has come out of Washington and the last two years, and so if Democrats aren't attuned to that heading into twenty twenty might backfire against them. But there are a lot of Democrats in power who feel very upset about this president that feel like they have been pushed aside by Republican leadership in the house that especially the house intelligence committee that was too closely aligned with the president, particularly when it comes to investigations like Russian interference in the election. So out on the campaign trail, I have heard very few Democrats who are running for office actually used the word impeachment. But with control of the house that could in fact be on the table always good to connect with ABC's. Lana Zak joins us from Washington. Thanks so much. Thank you. Komo news time at three twenty time for your propel insurance money update. On Wall Street today. The Dow up one hundred seventy three points to close at twenty five thousand six thirty five s and p five hundred added on seventeen in the NASDAQ up forty seven points to close at seventy three seventy five and now good for business. Sponsored by Washington federal celebrating one hundred years invested here. Now, Washington Fed's Brad Goode, it pays to vote at least for some US workers. Bloomberg reports that some forty four percent of US companies are giving employees at least some paid time off today to make sure they get out and cast a ballot retailer Patagonia is going all in on this closing stores today so workers can vote Amazon still not commenting on a report suggesting the Seattle based ecommerce giant plans to split its second headquarters in tube. The New York Times says Amazon is nearing a deal to move into the queens neighborhood of New York as well. As crystal city, that's an area of Arlington Virginia across the river from DC the goal. According to the times is to find educated high-tech talent near major cities or Microsoft. Walmart are opening a joint engineering office in Austin to better compete with Amazon. The deal is aimed at bolstering both companies as they compete with Amazon in both the e commerce and cloud computing areas. The tech in retail giants are calling the office cloud factory and say it will initially focus on migrating. Walmart's thousands of internal business apps to Microsoft Azure, ineffective year agreement. That's good for business on KOMO news money news at twenty and fifty past every hour on KOMO coming up. Marina Rockinger with the latest freeway problems, including Federal Way, I'm Brian Calvert..

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