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Peter sellars when peter sellars was at his most manic and between the budget and the star the whole thing sunk. Shall we say and in a way sunk this guy's career but you see you know if you've seen yourselves you know he's a genius but this this is very unfortunate for maddock but it's nice city gets to tell his story now. I thought that came out a couple of years ago. Did it not it might. It might have been one of those. Like banana split where it was like. Hey it was the two thousand eighteen but didn't right you know really availability thousand twenty k. The last one no mention is the painter and the thief. A crazy story directed by men re about an artist named barbara in europe and she has a show finally and her piece of art is stolen and the cameras are able to Kind of find out who stole the picture and she has. Name's karl and she goes to his trial and he goes to jail and she keeps visiting him in jail and they become good friends and when he gets out of jail. They become like entangled in this relationship. That's almost codependent. And i wonder you know. I know where it left off but i wonder what it is. Now you know we did it. Turn into something more. I think they're making a narrative version of this as well but pretty fascinating stuff. Yeah i still haven't watched that one. That was going to be the next doc. I watch before. We got to this. But i never got a chance to so. I'm i'm definitely looking forward to checking it out. I'll just say one one other one that just throw on the list. We we touched on it on our top narratives episode but we should mention it again Bloody nose empty pockets. Which isn't really a documentary but is going to you know end up. In many documentary talks for the year It kind of rides a strange line between documentary and narrative film because it's all baked but It's about the closing of a Las vegas bar. Although it's not really shot in las vegas and all of just the people who inhabit the bar and they're the regulars there and you just kind of spend all this time with them and it's a really interesting movie. It probably would be my number six on this list Did did you What'd you think of it. Like as a documentary feature blended thing. I didn't think anything of it. This documentary blended future because it's not a documentary. Yeah it's about a it was on my narrative line. No it's about a fake bar. That's closing and fake bar means fake patriots. They're calling it a documentary still. They're trying to get it away as documentary. I mean it's not a documentary. I wouldn't make my list but it did make my list of top narrative film so there you go all right. Well i think that does it. I think this is fun. And hopefully yeah in. Hopefully in two thousand twenty one will will be able to squeeze in a couple of Documentary episodes in the traditional piecing it together format because you know does so many great documentaries every year definitely ones where the golden age for documentaries right now because of all these you know all these streaming platforms right so like you know the next three down on my list. One was like a netflix. mini series. One was bbc hour. Long thing and one was a wwe network five parter so there you go. You know like there's so many different ways you tell stories now and so many different outlets and you know like city hall which is like a five hour. Documentary is on top ten list this year tour. So yeah there's plenty of stuff out there man some well We wrap it up. Why don't you tell people about what's going on with awesome ouvriere awesome movie year is just finishing season. Six thousand nine hundred eighty four. Lots of big big movies. That still resonates today ghostbusters. Karate kid Beverly hills cop man. There's there's gremlins lot of these are finding new life and plenty new. We got some great special guests. Like joe esposito. Saying you're the best around. And some other guests like eric gladstone. Not a great no. I'm just kidding eric. He's a friend of mine. So i joke around and then you got What by the time. That season's over we're moving back into this current century for season seven not releasing the year yet but we got a lot of good stuff plan. Dave awesome movie year on facebook and instagram awesome. Movie pod on twitter awesome movie or dot com right on. What about you yourself jason. Where can people find you. Oh i'm still at jason harris comedy on facebook and instagram. Jay harris comedy on twitter. Go for jason. Dot com should get an upgrade. Twenty twenty one. Let's hope so. We should make a documentary about the upgrade of your website. That should be fun so far it would be really boring. I'm jesse i'm ryan and we're the hosts of not my type one couple personalities and we're taking three million internet quizzes approximately for non serious conversations about serious phantoms. Check us out type each episode. We take buzzfeed. Stock was to explore a movie or book. As many as we can get our hands new episodes. Come out each wednesday if you want to find out more about the show not my type. Dot com everywhere. Stays all right so i hope you enjoyed that conversation with jason harris about the top five documentaries of two thousand and twenty what did you think of our picks if you think we left anything major out. Get in touch. I'd love to hear from you. You can of course. Just tweet at us at piecing pod or join our facebook group popcorn and puzzle pieces. Were we continue the conversation about all the movies we talk about here on the show or you could also get in touch on our website. Piecing pod dot com. Let us know what you think of the show. If you'd like to join me for a future episode. I posted a a tweet the week of new year's saying that i'm looking for new co host and holy crap. Did we get responses. So hopefully we'll get a lot of you on the show in the coming weeks and months and throughout the year. Lots of movies to cover. So i'm sure we'll find room for everybody but if you are listening and you've thought hey you know when i think of movies i think of puzzle pieces. You should get in touch with me. So let's talk but Yeah thank you so much. Everybody for listening. Make sure you're subscribed wherever it is you listen to podcasts and Following us on social media piecing pod and all that stuff also. Don't forget to check out our patriotic where we posed bonus content from piecing it together awesome movie year as well as from my music career. So lots of great content there and speaking of my music career. Let's close this thing out with a piece of music. Like i always do. And i am going to go with something from my latest album. David rosen just a self titled album and it's one of my favorite things i've ever put out and i'm going to go with the song the opening track it's called creation and yeah let's play this track. It's called creation. It's from my new album. David rosen which is available for sale on band camp and i tunes and all those services but also streaming on spotify and apple music and all that as well so this creation enjoy it and we'll be back got one more special looking back at two thousand twenty episode coming up and then a whole lot of new movies to cover so lots piecing it together. Common your.

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