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Power of in investigation but you have no clue what it means to see red film love as an experience so that's the first person i mean a grid no sentenced on me there's no mind there's just brain function okay fine enforces but we have experience nobody can deny that and actually that experience his primary to anything there was no science without experience we would not conceive of the brain without experience with other exteriors forget about the world that is something very fundamental as the basic cognitive quality of mine record that basic awareness you can call the fundamental aspect of consciousness de mas busy quality that you know rather now you've done though like lacking mother something rather than nothing right in buddhism we call lead the luminous aspect of mine its shines lighting the dock but luminas biko that what illuminates your world is like a tall slight alight that allows you to see things but light is the fundamental thing that doesn't change the light shines on the he of garbage was and become dirty just revisit if light shines upon the diamond it's not become expensive is us reveals the diamond so there is a fundamental component that basic consciousness so now you can say that from that perspective that this is also primary phenomena so that's the buddhist reasoning it correspond to experience and just open was suited for investigation.

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