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About black children fantasizing about great big watermelons the team saying in a statement that they are airing on the side of sensitivity. They have replaced it. With a different version of the same song weatherwise today. Showers possibly thunderstorm to we're expecting a high for your Friday around sixty eight degrees in wisdom Custos high as twenty five miles per hour. That's what's happening. Have a great Friday Atlanta. I'm Maria Poynton for news talk thirteen eighty W A. Okay. Good morning, Atlanta. I'm Liber Shahir is with your traffic update. Lots of volume on the roadways as we continue your Friday morning, rainy commute a few ride times for you. As you make your way through the metro Atlanta area, if you're on seventy five heading so you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents soon. You'll have a separate fridge in the basement or extra groceries exiled for river. Remember that frozen lasagna? Of course, you don't it's been down there since two thousand eight good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance pays a cake behind the lasagna. Very old. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers come out available in all states or situations. What does building a better Bank? Look like, it starts with building Capital, One cafes warm inviting places that feel nothing like a typical Bank where you can open an account with no fees or minimums in five minutes and you'll always find. People ready to help you not sell you. Welcome to banking reimagined. What's in your wallet? For consumers only offered by capital. One eight member FDIC cafes available in select locations copyright, twenty eighteen capital. One. Even in my own home. I had my own designated space to smoke. I think about it. It really was like I was punishing myself, the friend of mine said why wouldn't you just try the jewel? And so I went out and I bought one the idea of going back to smoking. I couldn't even imagine doing that. I don't think anyone including myself thought that I could switch. Caroline made this witch October twenty sixteen make this which at J you Hugh,.

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