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That serious that you've fire on the spot when he needed serious talk about yeah we had this idea this concept pizza accident insurance no nag doubled down to what is that connects flooded black jacket insurance it's like this there i really do i'm watching all hideo with are you kidding me are you kidding me they elect a that can't be celic come back to my restaurant be like to be more careful with your pre yeah you bring your pizza back siboro if it live illegitimate left there and even if i did vaughn even if i did because for may customer relations standpoint today comes answers like i'm sorry to sort of the pizza data dropped it and he said to yourself okay you know just because i want to keep it was a customer of goodwill all that i'll make blue pizza cuba new pizza i put gonna put it on a commercial like that like it's a thing i i'm doing something great that no one else's thought of plus you know what's going to happen smart asas are going to do that oh yeah head of you that you have to make a new pizza here's are losing money you're going to get that i believe me that can this is gonna be off the air by the super bowl uh by god to jack gases are gonna throw their pizzas against your windows or something uh pizza of kids are stone get him out exactly exactly figured it eats of slices village like pacman they're going to go no sorry man you have missing slices i need new i know though by the way our last caller was right may to 19th seventy six clubs and the giants uh gary matthews lending several blows including one that flatten george bitter walled asia may to nineteen 76 tides beat the cubs three one there was two brawls actually bill matlock and jose card now madla jim barr kim bar bar was involved old school names were there yeah he was thrown out of so there you go bartlett crews merima news for chris wreaking beer la as coming soon uh i'm not sure i'm down with that hidden springs air work posted a picture bring process in the facebook last week when chunks of the.

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