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Big incentive. That hearer WBZ Boston's news radio three, We go to the super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. My king has it looking out there? Well, not too well south of the city here in Madison. Just when you thought it was safe, the expressway North bound is backing up very quickly up towards the city. It's a crash number of vehicles involved. This is shortly after Columbia Road. There's flat 234 vehicles in the high speed line and a bunch of cars off in the right lane. It will. It's really right where that Columbia Road ramp comes onto the expressway North. Just a terrible spot here, try to stay in those two Middle Lane's is you Come north up towards the city. Of course, South bound really slow down towards that scene. As folks trying to get a look over at the crash now elsewhere to the South. Things air. Good Route three on the South Shore, the Cape Highways route 24. They're all fine, but delays out west. Yep, the mass pike westbound. It's stop and go for a few miles out towards 4 95. There's two lanes taken out through that stretch of highway as roadwork sets up. And the same exact situation on the eastbound side, two lanes or taken coming in past 4 95 delays there to downtown delays on Storrow Drive eastbound There's Elaine taken shortly after Kenmore Square with roadworks set up there. The Tobin Bridge in the lower deck of 93 or fine Coming in all the airport tunnels. They're good and highways north of the city or find 1 28, 4 95 Andrew one north all clear up through Peabody and Dan verse. My King WBC's 24 hour traffic network. Rhino Shield is America's leading permanent paint brand. It looks like paint, but last like vinyl schedule now with no interest and no payments for our.

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