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Orcas as homeland security secretary. The vote got pushed from yesterday to today because of winter weather in Washington. Republicans stall the nomination of my orcas last week, they argued that he has not been properly vetted on immigration issues. Confirmation vote is also scheduled today for former South Bend Mayor Pete Buddha judge He is the president's pick for transportation secretary. He is expected to earn the Senate's approval. Also today, President Biden plans to sign a serious of immigration related executive orders. Those orders are expected to include forming a task force to reunify family separated during the Trump administration. Biden administration says other orders will modernize the immigration system this month marks four years since the murders of Abby Williams and Libby German in Delphi, Indiana State police say they're still working to make an arrest. They say there is a dedicated team working on the case. Following every tip. The girls bodies were found along the moan on High Bridge on February 14th. 2017 and the months and years that followed. Investigators have released an audio clip, a short video and a sketch of the suspect. If you have a tip wish TV dot com can show you how to submit them. Come on. Daybreak. Adore pandemic impact for people who smoke or vague. The risk is higher for covert 19. But news is Hannah Mordo found more people are quitting. Good morning. Hey, good morning. Healthcare workers here in India say they have seen a 50% increase in people trying to quit smoking or vaping sense. The pandemic started big reason that risk. They say people who both smoke and Vape are seven times more likely to be infected with Kobe 19. It's the habit. The health community has been trying to stop for years, not just smoking. But it's also Vaping, now specialist at the eye, you help tobacco treatment center. Tell me, Cova 19 is sparking a change Our referral numbers increased by 50% patients were reaching out to me curious to know if now would be a better time to quit. It's because Corona virus can be especially dangerous for this group of people smoking in Vaping week in the lungs and suppress the immune system. Making a covert 19 infection more likely and more severe and not only boost the risk of covert 19 infection, But it may increase the chances of a more serious case and prolonged recovery. A study from U C L A shows that smoking reduces a protein called interference in your airway. They trigger your body to attack the virus. More intensive symptoms. More complications related to cove in 19 specifically related to the respiratory side. Another way to think of it is as if Paper was your airway. Smoking's like poking holes through it Holes obviously make the paper weaker. We see the people that smoke and bait that air duel users or seven times more likely to be infected by cove in 19, leaving a lot of people coming to this conclusion you've ever been thinking about quitting before now is Honestly, the best time to do that, And these health care workers say another risk with smoking or vaping is just the simple act of your hand to your mouth. That movement increases chances of picking up coping. 19 Hannah Mordo, which TV which TV dot com and follow us on Facebook can thank you. It's been lost in 24 hours since covert 19 vaccine eligibility expanded in Indiana, almost 96,000 people.

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