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Reports this morning. Good morning. Randi Renner hardcore football around the area last night. PC big Norman forty four to fourteen Tulsa union over more fishing five Choctaw, big PC, wet thirty five seven mcginnis clobbered lot nyc sixty three to nothing most of the games, of course, are tonight several big ones, including perhaps the biggest undefeated Edmond Santa Fe hosting undefeated, broken arrow. Game yukons at west more Edmund north at Mustang deer creek at midwest city. You're on our family of stations will add Dell city at Putnam city on ninety eight point five FM with John Brooks on the call and on thirteen forty the game Tony sellers as the play by play a game. And at Piedmont, then after all, the games Joel Reagan, and Eric g join me for Friday night finals will have all the shores of around the state and several reports from those games keep you updated on the district racists or join us tonight ten to midnight Friday night finals right here on KT. Okay. The thunder with a long day at practice yesterday. So far Russell Westbrook continues to ease back into a regular routine. However, he's not yet been cleared for full contact and the thunder just have a couple of full go practice days left before blind to the bay area on Monday to get ready for Tuesday's opener at Golden State. Even if Westbrook is cleared by then the Thunder Bay go ahead and sit him just to be on the safe side Barentsburg ascend remains in concussion protocol. And if he can't go then. Avenue de aloe might start at shooting guard. Impressive in preseason games. Scoring nineteen points his last game. But Billy Donovan isn't really concerned about that. It's just a matter that he has got to make sure he continues to grow on the things that he's going to have to do during the entire like Kenny sprint back in transition. Can you get to the right spot? Can you communicate can you get matched up when he hears pick and roll coverage? Can you get into the right coverage? When we talk about, hey, this is what we want to take away on this particular player. Kenny, I believe he can ads Billy Donovan as far as the team as a whole is concerned. Donovan likes the progress so far, but there's certainly room for improvement the thunder and warriors tip off their seasons. Tuesday night, just after nine thirty Oklahoma time you can see the game on key in t the Cowboys lying up to Manhattan later on today for their game with the K state Wildcats tomorrow morning OSU needs a win badly and quarterback Taylor Cornelius and his wide. Receivers have been spending extra time at practice going over plays and robs Dylan's donors. Says it's something they do pretty much chapter. Most every practice is little..

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