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He said this guy, Sean McVeigh, he said, you know, your new coach this guy's a crackerjack. And I said I never heard of him. And I'll believe it when I see it. I folded my arms, and he said, oh, no. This guy's a real deal. The, you know, a good friend of mine. She's she runs pick three is Amy Trask who was with how Davis for thirty years from because started as an intern and running the raiders she said the same thing I've been real deal any called it early. Good eye for talent for the first time. Bella Chac has the opportunity to be out Bella checked by younger version of him worse in the past. It's just you know, the other guys were like sort of football coaches that we all grew up with and bowel. Check. Playing on a different level right now. He's gotta deal with that. So it's it's it's interesting. So so then I will tell you the the interesting one of the interesting things about it too is the patriots have become kind of they've supplanted you mentioned the Steelers. And then the Cowboys were also, you know, famously at some point America's team. What is you is it just winning that gets them? They're losing you just kind of lose favors or some other kind of. Element to that. I don't want to. I don't want to transform reasonable doubt into take a knee. But you're you're a fan of the professional sports. What's your what's your interpretation? I think you need some in need to win. And then you need a charisma attic quarterback that that's helpful. It's helpful the half like a charisma manic and the the band needs to stay together for period of time. Right. You know? And that's what the Steelers did. You know, the Cowboys had kind of like to dynasty periods though is Troy Aikman era. Yeah. I had like a half dynasty half dynasty together created a a whole dynasty. But you know, when we grew up we could name the entire infield for the Los Angeles Dodgers for year after year after year now with free agency and parody and everything being shuffled around. And all that is nobody there is no more growing up with. Oh, you know, Yankers mind the plane at first place for say third got Steve sax at second. You just don't have. Yeah. So I think the ban needs to stay together for a while. Now, we'd be remiss we didn't get into capper Nick a little bit and predictions. Again, you guys have all seen it unfold, but we're pre Super Bowl here. So we have predictions halftime. I'm gonna I'm gonna pose a tough question to you. Okay. People are giving maroon five and whomever all the Roberta flack. Who is thing? Travis scott. No. But he he's right. There's a somebody's singing. Gladys knight. Gladys gladys. All right. Gladys knight. And everyone's getting a ton of crap because they they they're playing sunset, right? You can look up that reference. Yes. That's a good. That's a good. Very good reference. Yes. Sun City is a place in South Africa and not gonna play Sun City and not going to support as guide as I said last week, you're crossing the ideological. So you're you're kind of they're like, I mean, you're kind of saying this is Sun City and the fans who you know, were woke U2. would have never played Sun City. Correct back back in the day. Bob Geldof would not have played a lot of Geldof and the BoomTown rats would not have played Sun City, but maroon five Maeve plates city, and I could come back to what I referenced last week..

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