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Been on the show as much lately so the only thing though so as I do think that people still associate nick with Bella and I know that casual viewers were like hating Bella so I could see a situation where it's like. You know what we don't WanNa reward nick because he he was mean to Nicole with Bella so I think that while ago though yeah it was a while ago but they do think that the casual viewers are still very much a fan of new ones I yes did you see that conversation with <hes> <hes> Nicole when he was talking about like what he did or how he got screwed over and Nicole was like I told you so she basically read the riot act like how I I wasn't wrong. I told you and then like some people were wondering Jessica received seventy seven seven votes seventy seven people would put just in the good thing about the bad thing if it was a bad thing one hundred and thirty one choose actually just below Tommy. You know I'm just saying that's you know depending on if it's a bad thing that might be where my vote lies is adjust right. I asked in anticipation of the field trip twist. How are you feeling about its potential impacts? We got a forty forty three out of one hundred so people are around the middle a little bit skeptical but hope they're hoping that it's good I think is the answer there. I also also last week a week removed. How ask these questions again the statistics much more in favor of cliffs move this week than they were her last week last week? They were pretty pretty low in the thirties and the sixties respectively this time <music>. I'm really in the middle here in the forty s right around the middle like they're not sure either way. Maybe maybe it's a good thing maybe it's a bad thing. You're not really sure even more people I'll say no cliff was not an idiot for making a deal to dwell on that too much just interesting interested in the change there I asked which side of the Jackson Christie divide are you rooting for. I'm very curious to hear from you guys and I'm not going to give you the out that I gave the audience which side of Jackson and Christy are you gonNa root for given how you talk about Christie before my guess Christie Criss Jackson so hated by the way just let me stop you from your questions which lovely but I wanted to bring up because this didn't have we didn't really talk about this on on on on the show last week because his have not week was really just beginning. It and I haven't been on the show since this. This is a static it. Is that Dick that the producers have an false enforce their own rules you have somebody like big really Canada who I think Rachelle at one point eight like a gummy bear on accident from the basket and they sent the whole house on as have not or like I was twenty four hours was ornate hours. I forget how long it was but it was so hilarious wash allergenic about it and believe it and they have this asshole going in the showers stealing food food underneath this putting food underneath the string and they know what's going on. They talked about in the room and then to have him come out this lead when he's a have have ends. We want you don't want to she because then you might get a penalty nomination when he ate left right and center last week I mean there are so many people in history but rather other houseguests who endured being have not jen city famously to be a have not for the rest of the frigging season eating slop the rest of the frequencies on until the day she was a victim and Julie Chen gave her a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich right there at the final five eviction because he was so flipping hungry the.

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