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Agreed upon during an earlier summit president trump is only hours away from finalizing his choice for the supreme court it could be today or tomorrow senators rand paul tom cotton and ted cruz have all voiced their concerns over front runner dc appeals judge brad kavanagh but there's also notre dame professor amy coney barrett who've many said trump might pick because it would be a first for the court a conservative woman she was confirmed by the senate to the seventh circuit last fall only three democrats voting horon including indiana senator joe donnelly you've seen it before the aftermath of cars trying to be trains across the track and there's one busy street in greenwood where neighbors and for responders say close calls are becoming the norm or tv sixes peres flew bell is working for you to explain what might make a big difference it's one of the busiest streets in greenwood the train was probably one hundred two hundred yards away from me ron fox was driving along east main street when he says he came way too close to disaster at that point then i heard the train whistle the horn maybe panic there for a minute ron says he saw the lights flashing but says based on his experience the lights randomly flashed when there isn't a train so we crept up to the crossing to take a look the vision is blocked to your rights severely with the tree free line and really tough to see without porn up probably a little too far that tree just completely view there's no way you'd even see what's coming he realized the front of his truck was on the tracks is the train was rushing towards them he slammed on the gas to get across it was about three seconds and then i saw the train come by he made it safely across and says he realized he should have waited but he says the bigger issue is that this crossing doesn't have a crossing arm so why are people creeping up there is no crossing arms to show you where to stop there's only those flashing lights and on the ground there's no white line either and to make matters more confusing the sign all the way back here says stop right here for the train with all the traffic we've got now there definitely needs to be some form of crossing arms here after the close call ron tried to figure out how to go about getting crossing arms but he says he got the.

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