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Now here's bill look i forgot that will not quit momentum that's been in the stock market the momentum that's been in the economy this market on fire in the global economy looks good and stocks are reflecting the stock market right basically telling us what's happening business and the economy trump rally has added four trillion dollars to the nation's wealth four trillion dollars was edited nations well which is now six trillion where do you go go to main street it didn't go to the family this making seventy thousand dollars year because both the husband and wife are working struggling paycheck the paycheck they didn't see a penny of that that money to go into the economy that money went into the hands of ceo the one percentile and then the ceo took that money and they bought their own shares back to put your stock even higher and then the one percent out who control eighty three percent of the stock or gets eighty three percent of stock value they get enormously rich when you have an economy as i said where is very simple the number of us renters are growing faster than the amount of new homeowners that's of battle konomi because that tells you wages are low a third day right before the crash they get the wages come out threetenths of a plus three says wages went up three cents at sea of b c was celebrating their going crazy their underwear was getting all nodded up over three cents we've seen this nice daddy bleed upward in accelerating wage growth wages are starting to pick up wage growth is picking up it's also french for main street finally because worship wages pick up.

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