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Know and jge, you know, I I thought in some ways martok was interesting because in some ways he was kind of a mentor and surrogate father for for War facts and was instrumental in helping him after the death of his wife and so am I on the right track with him or does he view log? If more is a comrade, it didn't start out that way. I I the the first really significant episode that I was in was off once more into the breach. Yes, and I that was with John colicos who was coming back coming forward really the first Klingon ever John Colby goes that's right. He was coming in to earn himself an honorable death. I guess he knew he was dying and he wanted to somehow Crown his life with an honorable death, which is everything to a Klingon and he came to me, but I would not No, I'm confusing two episodes. The first episode was these are my two favorite episodes. So I do get a mixed up soldiers of the Empire. Oh, yeah in Soldiers the Empire which was directed by LeVar Burton martok was presented as a man who has lost his courage lost his nerve a Klingon that's lost his heard disrespected. His ship was disrespectful. It was he was like the the if there was a like a cursed ship in the Navy that was it his his ship and found the the the Klingon crew hated themselves hated the ship hated him and Worf came on and Jadzia also wage, but Worf put me in a position where I could actually behave in such a ways to overcome by fear wolf character after and he did it down. And I did overcome my fear of the jem'hadar and at the end we I welcome making part of how smart dog. So he was part part sun part brother. That was the most that was probably the most emotionally fulfilling episode I ever got a chance to do because it really pushed Mar talk to his emotional ends about being a would all said and done being a coward being afraid. Yeah. There are things that I would I would undertake now accept as John and except that I you know, there are too many people involved in this too much chance of a chance of failure, but I would love to be able to do it. It's anyway Wharf provided martok with that possibility it worked out in that it's made in part of my house which fulfill the need that he had. Well, oh absolutely. No, that was great. It was great. The whole Klingon storyline on DS9 was awesome. And you gotta credit the guy who really knew how to write him running away. The war will give you more man. You're right. He he had those great Klingons stories man. It was he had great great command of Klingon culture. And yeah, and if you've ever met a girl on yes, he is the most like whatever the opposite of overbearing is. He he's the most humble man. He's yes, he's a he's a genius but he's so humble. He's so non-aggressive non demonstrative of this is how much I know, you know, it's just not there and I have the greatest respect for but the other the other thing in my case with with once more into the breach LeVar Burton was a director. Yeah once more into the breach and I think James Conway dead. Cracker directed soldiers in the Empire know I'm sorry. I'm screwing it up..

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