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Our just email me at Dave own air at Ramsey solutions dot com Dave on Air At Ramsey solutions dot com. Kelly, I'll get in touch with you and make you a part of that upcoming show. Jeff starts off this hour in Youngstown, Ohio. Hi, Jeff. How are you? I'm doing Well, how are you better than I deserve. How can I help? Yes, we are. Families. Um All of fallen upon like different called medical problems, and my mother in law passed away two years ago. We tried moving my father in law in with us, but he's developed dementia and can stay with us and we weren't sure like how to set up a trust for his grandchildren to protect his assets. Um, so Medicare and Medicaid can Help assist pay for his stay at the nursing home. What if it's even ethical? It's not only unethical. It's illegal. Illegal. Yeah, so it's Z called welfare fraud. Um and so, um When you sign up for government assistance based on being poor, and you're not poor because you had the assets. Yeah, that's unethical. And the federal government has the ability, look back five years and undo any trusts or anything you've done to move. Assets out of his name to quote protect him from Medicare. So here's the thing if he goes to a restaurant and buys dinner He expects to pay for it. When he goes to the nursing home. He should expect to pay for it. Okay, That's it. I wasn't sure like he worked his whole life. And then just in a matter of years, everything will be gone. Three years everything. He'd worked for his entire life, Spahn, and there's nothing but nobody did anything to him. Nobody. Nobody stole from him or anything like that. He's spending his life savings on his Terror that yes, Stella's house to pay for his care for his care. Well, he don't need his house anymore. He's he's spending his money on his care to take care of him. Now, here's how much how much in assets do you think he has? Um, after he sold his home and soldiers vehicle sore everything about 250,000, okay? And how old is he? Seven before and how bad is the dementia? It goes in waves. They'll go two or three weeks will be really good. And then nothing. Weeks works really bad. There's these People chasing him and so on. How long has she been struggling with this? About a year to a half a year since his wife passed two years ago to really progressing rapidly. I'm so sorry you guys are facing this. It's a hard thing to go through. Okay, But thank you. Yeah. So you guys go shopping for a nursing home? And let's let's just let's look at some numbers for a second. I'll actually pull out. I've got some statistics here on my desk on this on average, okay? So okay. The average nursing home stay. Is, um We see here, Savior, every member. What I wear to go where to go. 70% of claims are for in home care 12% of for assisted living 15% for nursing home. No. Uh, two things I want to check on one is I want you to start pricing out. Some in home care has already sold the house. Yeah, I was already going. Okay, so he's going into a nursing home. Okay. Cool. Yeah, He's he's already in one. But we're trying to see how to What we can do better for him and protect his assets. First grandchildren with what you've told me. I am going to project that he's going to have about an average stay. Yes, the average stay nationally is 2.4 years. Okay? It's heartbreaking. It's heartbreaking to turn your Loving relative into a statistic. Okay, but if he if he stays there three years and spends $40,000 a year He's only used up half of his assets. His is 8500 month, so his is going to be that's ridiculous, really expensive. Idiot. You need to get a different nursing home. Okay, look in the other ones that Z double. Yeah, well, that's what I was his assets, So he stays three years. Everything's gone. $240,000. The average nursing home stay in America is 50,000. That's the average Okay. Means this allowed. I mean, somewhere cheaper. Yeah, and yours just double And I had a, um, a relative who was put on hospice and lived three years. So, Yeah, it's a very real possibility. In three years he's doing just he's not doing well. But he's still alive. And, um, yeah, yeah. Lot of money. That's way too expensive man. Yeah, and And so the problem is It's so harmful when you're watching someone that you love that you know, with, especially when you're talking about dementia and so forth. It's just it's heartbreaking, and then you reduce the conversation to a math formula, and that's just really tough. But the truth is, it helps me if I'm in that situation to reduce it to a math formula, because I don't have the panic of running out of money. Right. And so I'm really glad you called on because the main thing you've discovered is he's probably not going to run out of money, but you need to move him. Okay? And you've got to do a psychological 1 80 here, brother. This money is not quote unquote, your grandkids or your Children's assets. This is the money that is going to get him through the last stages of his life. And I'm super grateful that he was in a position to be able to help pay for that. The nursing home is not stealing. They're serving Correct and it stinks. You got your your partner did shining you didn't sign up for the you know, the freaking rich e mean the freakin Ritz.

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