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I don't want to have the shiny face. How to wait a second hold it. Wait, wait a second. Wait a second. Let's find out a little bit. I want to dig in here just a little bit. How do you tell yourself? What do you say to your face? 'cause I need that skill. I sweat in the face. I just tell myself, don't sweat in the face. Yeah. Yeah. I've done it. I've done it. I've done it. Okay, so listen, hear me out on this. So right out of high school, I got rent on Broadway and so I played this drag queen named angel, so you have a wig full makeup and a Santa suit in July and I brought with theater with hot lights. So, oh there, there's a picture of me after today for you. I literally, you're wearing all this after a big number, and you just don't want your makeup to run. Somehow magically of the course of the 5 years I did the show, I would, oh, there's Jill Scott before we knew her as Jill said. Yeah. She literally, I would be sweaty everywhere on the body. And I got to a place where I could not, I don't know if it's a mind of a matter of things. So I have two questions. Yes, sir. My first one is, was that before or after the Botox? Because I'm pretty sure if you have enough of that, is it spouse and things? No, it was before. I was 18. And the second thing is, there's enough foundation on there to spackle a house together. And actually was the era of, I don't know if you know this was a tip, Scott Barnes, you see, milk a magnesium. Yeah. They would use that as a primer. Just stay. I do it now. I do it now. Do you have a unique talent? No, I mean, no, I wish I could tell myself to not sweat or do something like weirdly unique like that. But no, no, I sweat my feet hurt. Like I can't like mind over matter or something like that. It just happened. What's your point? What's your party trick? This is a talent as much as like a 6th sense. I would say it's more of a 6th sense. Okay. Like I immediately know. Okay. I don't care if it's like a pack of gum or like a car wash. I like whatever. The minute I swipe my card and I go over my own mental monthly budget, I immediately feel broke. And I know that I have to pull back. Because the little things add up. But I know the minute it goes approved, I know I'm like, oh, that one sent me over. But I think that's pretty normal. I mean, would I check in my bank account? No. You don't want to do that. No, no, no, no, no, no. No. I don't know when that's going to go away, though, because Eva ebbs and flows in work and like your budget and stuff can always change even at my even at like what I'm really killing it financially. Sometimes for a big purchase, I will still feel the anxiety of like, oh my God, he's gonna go through and it could be something like it expired and they mailed you one two weeks ago, but like mentally, if you get declined one time with your credit card, scarred for the rest of your life. Well, if you grow up broke, did you grow up in a yeah. You grew up, by the way, if you grow up broke, that feeling's always gonna stick with you. Yeah. Trust and believe. Yeah. Ease math and family matters is getting real when it comes to relationships. On Sunday's upcoming episode, grant junior is ready to go public with his boyfriend. Elliot. But area might not be ready yet. I do want to take a more public kind of track as a LGBTQ advocate and on the road to being a more public, I want to do a public announcement about my sexuality..

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