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Home before dinner after dinner now that I'm talking about it. I kind of feeling like a loss about four hours of every day. I didn't realize it was that much. I decided I needed to find alternative. So I started looking and then came up I did both for awhile it eventually I just switched over. And it's very quick. I honestly feel like I remember recently you asking me did you wanna smoke free four we go in. And I was like no no need to Mimi made the switch July twenty fifteen make the switch at jewel dot com. That's J U L dot com. Warning. This product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical. Roberts here in the mid day. CMB coming up in about forty minutes. John is in Philadelphia age. I'm John how are you? Hey, guys. Joe I cannot believe that you have gotten off of your dislike of Adam gates. I don't like it. But I, but here's the problem, John. There's nothing I can do about it. He's the coach you to team. Okay. But I can do. If it was me McCarthy would've been a coach he's the coach of the team Williams is a very good higher as defensive coordinator. And they could the coaching staff can only be better than it was it was so bad. It's gotta be better. Now is it going to turn out to be? This is the guy that's gonna win the Super Bowl the chances are no. But I mean, what am I supposed to do about it? Now. You know what? I mean, I need you guys do me a favor. This this is where I turned on Adam gates. I'm a dolphin fan. I in port St. Lucie. About eight years ago. But anyway. His last press conference. He made every excuse in the book of why the season went down the tubes except for himself. He took no responsibility. And Joe the first press conference he did when he's condescending. And he doesn't answer questions, and he gives the wild is. You're gonna hate him. Joe you're gonna be sorry. I have no problem. We didn't want the guy. I wanted to do. I screamed about it. The first moment I heard when Evan brought up gazes name. I almost cringed turned out to be right. There's nothing we can do about it. Now. Let's let's update it's been a couple of weeks. Joe did you want the jets to hire? Adam. Are you ecstatic that the jets hired Adam go who did you prefer that? Hi, Mike McCarthy. Okay. So nothing's changed everybody. But it's just what the hell do you want us to scream every day? There's nothing I can do about it. So all I can do now is try to have some kind of a positive attitude. You know, if you ask me, do I think they're going to be looking for another culture for years. Oh, yeah. Okay. You want that answer? Yeah. I do. I hope I'm wrong. I do feel better about Greg Williams being higher that was higher. I really do. I think he's a big time defensive coordinator, the defense will automatically be better. There's no doubt in my mind automatically, they'll be better. So I feel good about that. I would I feel better by I've said this to would I feel better about gays if he had been a coordinator after the Miami job for us. Yes. Because to his point I think he would have learned more from the stakes that he made in Miami. Right. You know, how it feel a lot better about Adam gays if his name was Mike McCarthy, then I feel lot better. So nothing's really changed on this thing. It's just that. When there's a coaching higher or a free agent signing. Eventually think about this do the Yankee analogy for the Yankee fans you don't want. Manny machado. You're listening right now, you say guys to Charlie hustle. I don't want the guy. Now you sign the guy. What are you going to do? Are you going to root for not that we could do? Let's hope gaze turns out to be the guy. I mean, let's hope you never know. Like, I said do I think four years from now they're gonna be looking for new coach? Yeah. History tells me that's what's going to happen. I don't wanna be right. I want to be wrong. I wanna see this guy beat a guy. And I said this to it again, I'm going to go with this too. If they next year goal tended six eleven and five make the playoffs and don't go on and win the Super Bowl. I still don't know because I've seen this over and over again every coach built Wassels is that a winning record is I g with the jets since boss cells that is six coaches seven coaches removed from Parcells so it doesn't mean anything. You know, even if that happened. The jury is still out on Adam gays now is the jury still out on Adam gates if they go five and eleven. Oh. To say, it doesn't work. Both ways is no no mad is calling from waldwick New York, man. How are you? Hey, guys before you get to my Yankee. And baseball point. Joel why thank you five six years ago. I sank the golf ball and it landed on your team boxing. We're very kind to me. Thank you for that. No right now. Valley brook. Okay. Okay. I bet you and your wife a very nice thank you for that. My ball. Box myself. I noticed. Real quick. But I'm a Yankee fan my whole life of thirty four years old. You know, I think that these two guys and Harper overvaluing, I think of a three hundred million dollar player. I think if a guy was putting up four forty two hundred and thirty RBI around baseball, you could find guys you're up, you know, twenty five to thirty five home runs and a hundred and ten hundred and fifteen RBI guys have been doing. Now, you're paying for projections. I get that. But you project that each of these guys are going to put up ten to fifteen more home runs than what they've been doing at twenty more RBI than what they've been doing. I here's what I think you've project with a guy like we'll use Bryce Harper for now. Bryce, Harper's twenty six years old. He's won an MVP if he can match his two best seasons at age twenty two and twenty four then he's one of the top three best players in baseball. So I think it's not projecting. Something that hasn't happened. You're projecting. What you've already seen from him. And hoping he can be more consistent about it over the course of his contract. But if you will think there were three hundred million, and that's fine. If you right who is Mike trout. And who else I don't think there's a list of now does not no it's not a long list of those guys. So it's fine to say they're not worth it. But don't act like there's other guys that all I mean might trout's elite. We get it another guy who's very interesting. Very interesting is this is a hell of a baseball player. And he's going to get the free agency in two years. And he's going to be twenty six is Francisco Lynn door tremendous player for Mendez player. What's he going to get? Because one thing we know about the Indians ain't gonna be able to resign them. So he's going to get two free agency. Probably I guess, right. When he's early twenty seven years old and with the production. He's put up in his career. What is he gonna get is the same thing going to happen to him? When he gets the free agency. We'll see Jason great neck Jason. How are you? Hey, guys, what's going on? I have to disagree about Dwayne Haskins. Just hear me out. How do you expect a job? Thanks to. Celtic fan base that they passed up on Sam darnold with the number two pick to trade up this year to get the Wayne Haskins. I mean, how do you like how can you sit there and tell a giants fan that's where we're going. Well, you know, what I'll say this. And again, we don't know. But wait Haskins had a better year this past year. Sam Donaldson last year at USC. He did. The guy to what he do fifty touchdowns including the ball game. He to fifty touchdown passes checks. Right. They lost one game Ohio State. So he had a better unit. Sam Donald did in college last year. So how do we know that I don't know who might be better quarterback with all said and done. Well, that's the answer. I mean before we even get to the fact that they drafted saquon Barkley. So you've got Barclay Ed Haskins varieties Sam darnold, and whomever. You would've driver is right. That's what you can definitely throw in. How do we know that Sam darnold is going to be better than Dwayne has? I have no clue. And remember the giants view quarterbacks the way they one of you the quarterbacks. Remember, the Cleveland Browns got criticized 'cause they passed on Carson Wentz. They decided to trade the pick up. Yeah. How could they sell their fans? We're not gonna draft Carson Wentz. But we're going to draft that shrimp Laker Mayfield. Well, guess how they're selling yet. Right. Baker Mayfield stayed on the field and his first year think right now if I pulled most football fans and said you got a quarterback to start your take Mayfield. Yeah. Choice which guy Baker Mayfield. You can take Mayfield. Okay. Things changed her. You have no idea Haskins could turn out to be a tremendous could turn out to be better than than Donald. Of course, think about how quickly things changed with Baker Mayfield. He was never projected to be the number one overall pick never have. And think about the way Carson Wentz was anointed right before that injury a little over a year ago. MVP number one seed, I'm start my team with Carson Wentz. And I mean this with respect and because I feel bad he got hurt. But look what that injury is done. How do we view them now, Susie? If I ask giant fan. I pulled everyone of you. Carson Winston Baker Mayfield eighty five percent people can say Baker Mayfield. Is it going to be that? I would say it's going to be high. There's no doubt people are going to say Mayfield because any data. It's not even about selling. Also like you said Mayfield stayed on the field where wenches had multi to us in and road injuries. Hey, we see this with Eli part of his greatness as no question. So I don't think you have to worry about selling your fans, you gotta sell yourself. If you believe Dwayne Haskins is going to be a really good quarterback the next level Trafton. That down and saquon Barkley. That's the other thing you should he did draft him instead of darnold. And then so how do you sell your fans? If you're worried about selling your fans, well, you got saquon Barkley and the quarterback. That's how you sell it, Mike Manhattan, Mike. How are you? Brought to Hawaii of good ole. I'll be I'm guessing. This weekend. Because I live in a complex. They do. They do. Okay. Things all two things one when it's all said and done. Greg Williams is going to be your head coach because he is out of his mind. He's not gonna lessons jets head coach. And I believe Williams is going to be your mill get promoted to head coach that's one. What do you think about that? I don't think anything about it. Because gazes the head coach why why you guy let me say this. Now, I can't believe defending Adam. Happens eleven let's see guy coach let me see what he does with the team. I don't know what he's going to be as a coach in his team. Do I think he's going to be a great coach? I don't. But that doesn't mean he won't be. So let me let me reserve judgment on Adam gays after he's he's coached the team. Let let's say after two years, and let's see where we got is that fair, I think that's very fair. Now, if he goes five and eleven next year, I'll be screaming about it. But if he goes to eleven and five or ten and six and they don't win the Super Bowl the jury still out. Yes. To the bottom line to his credit. I'll I'll defend the caller like five percent. Here's an offset dead this year when you said, I get rid of Todd Bowles Duma favor. One of the defense is not of bowls. But of the situation is they do have a guy on the staff that could take. All right. They clearly have a guy on the staff. No question. If it does come to that for whatever reason they have a guy similar to the mess with Jim Riggleman like they have their guy if they need to make a change in the middle of the season. But I hope that it doesn't come to that. I hope Williams is here running the defect right and not eventually taking over. It turns out to be great. We want. I wanna I want right now. You asked me I want Adam gays to be the guy that leads my teams that is a lucid fifty now and counting US Super bowl. Of course. That's that's the quick whether I liked him or not. I don't want it. It's not about it. It's about winning Super Bowl. That's it. Man, robin. Riverhead, rob, our you. What's up? What's going on? Now here you guys talking about McCarthy. And I know you know, he had won the Super Bowl. He's been successful. My biggest concern with McCarthy exist. Yeah. Aaron Rodgers everybody keeps saying well. You have the best quarterback, and he didn't perform yada, yada. I understand that. But you got to really look at it at the end of the tenure rajini McCartney. Okay. I don't know. I don't want. You know, I don't know what that means. That's where my reservations also the biggest complaint about all that lack of passion for the team. And I feel like we'd be getting the same thing with McCarthy granted his resume. So. A terrible head coach he had no control over his team..

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