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That's who we are. Montreal was upset that punctured cleared the zone. It hit. The linesman stayed in the zone who drop ended up getting the puck right in front of breaking point lost it. Huge opportunity and off the face off. Now, Sharratt uses the boards to clear hassle Levski Way out to play it. Still a minute 10 in the power play for the Lightning as leading his way through centres. Hedman games the line and drops it off to Stamkos on the left boards loses the handle chases to the corner swings into the right corner or panel by Cirelli. Off the point Putra backhands it in behind the net and again, Stamkos got their first Byron tries to tap it back to Surat and lost the handle. A blind pass by Cirelli finds no one at the blue line, clearing the zone Petrov wide open on the other side. Regroup for the lightning and its point who brings it in again on right wing hits. The brakes in the corner now lays it back to future off on the half long Kita Ku Tra puts it right down low on the doorstep. Cirelli over handles that he lost it for a moment and Surat knocks it away. Weber came in, didn't get it, though Putra steps off the goal line tries to sneak it short side. Christ made the same and got the whistle. He didn't necessarily freeze the puck, but he got the whistle and then butcher off trying to get to it is upended as he saw a loose puck. He tried to surprise carry price and it was able to walk in a trough was he's right along the goal line when it gets the puck, and so he found himself with some room, so he cuts tries to cut hard to the front of the net. And then put one in the short side. Price was there to stop it. And then there was a there was a rebound. That drop saw was able to get there, but Price jumped on that one as well. 24 seconds left in the hooking minor to Corey Perry to face off in the Montreal zone controlled by the Canadians and rocketed the length of the ice by Romanoff Danno again with a face off when he won the last one in his offensive defensive zone. Then he leads the ice wins another one here, he's 58% in the series in the face off circle, dumped in blackening gets it to the line. Not out. Furniture slides it across for Pat LaRue penalty is over. Perry's out of the box Montreal for Strength for moves it down. Local spins out in front and unsure of where that rebound was again was price. I think that one hit him in the mask. He was able to cover up and then maroon goes hard to the net and draws the attention of everyone in white. It was just a smart play by plot. Knowing that the penalty was about to expire. Also knowing that Pat Maroon was on the ice, and when Pat Maroons on the ice If he doesn't have the puck, he goes to one spot, and that's the front of the net. So all Palat It was from the right side from the top of the circle. He just threw a wrist shot in a carry price. Generally an easy one to handle, but not as easy when you've got maroon and some other players getting to the front of the net he had trouble with Joey talked about it a little bit. Before the start of the game. Tampa Bay Now two for 14 in this series on the power play, But I beg your pardon to 13 face off again to the left of price. They had trouble getting set up. Because of the pressure by Montreal and that's that's the key from Vermont rial As soon as you fumbled the puck, they attack David Savard off the faceoff gets into the net off the blocker of price. It's into the netting above the high glass, so they'll do it again in the Montreal zone Shots five to in the early going, we played 5.5 minutes of Game five. No score between the lightning Montreal Canadians. Once again, I will say this as long as this series goes on. Canadians have gotta have it. Trail the series three games to want lightning. We're trying to become just the second team ever to win a cup in Montreal in Game four and could have been the second team ever to sweep the Canadians in the Stanley Cup final course. Both of those things did not materialize again. Savard off the one face off by Johnson. It's a shot through and it's the blocker of price that keeps it out. This kind of stays in the barn going behind the net. Edmondson moves it quickly write on the paper to Foley doesn't have anything. Clear the zone to the open, right wing circuit feeds it right back in, and it bounces for the right corner reversed quickly by Edmundson Petri under a little duress, able to get it to stall chips. It ahead. Caufield sweeps through center, and they say no icing, even though I don't believe to fully touched it, surrogates back to get it, And now he's given a rough ride along the boards to stall got into the 4 10 Caufield as well, and Josh Anderson had a stick on it. It's spun back out to center by the lightning and still behind the play circuit. Install in the corner of the Tampa Bay's own circuit just leaves his stick their heads back to the bench. Caufield redirects it back into the Tampa Bay zone. Slowly behind the net. McDonough gets it and slips a check of Josh Anderson a lot back into Montreal ice when I go far enough for icing, and Brett Kulak is on it. The former Calgary plane draws attention as he backhands it around the boards, but not out comes back to him behind the Net. Had a little trouble with Tyler Johnson all over reverses his direction. A couple of Time scale back into Johnson, who makes the hit but the puck top three and Weber uses the glass to clear Suzuki coming late, kicks it up to his stick and carries into the Tampa Bay zone. Peels off, tried to fire it in profit went off Tampa Bay defenders back out center back incomes, likening on left wing fakes. The shot then takes a shot got blocked by an Rueda. Lightning quickly escaped the zone. Joseph slowly rolls it in on right wing and heads to the bench for a change. Sharon comes back to get it. We got another penalty coming up to Montreal. No, it's actually I believe it's going to be against Tampa Bay. I think I think it's John Rueda is going to get called for us. Checking was.

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