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In campaigning for the president. I'm Pam who so Fox News with the presidential razed down to the wire. President Trump is heading back to the campaign trail a little more than a week after being diagnosed with the Corona virus. This afternoon, the president will address supporters from a balcony overlooking the South Lawn of the White House. Then it's off to Florida for a rally on Monday. The president's White House event will be his first public event in a week and a half since a rally in Duluth, Minnesota, shortly before he announced that he had covert 19 White House event is also two weeks after the Rose Garden ceremony for Supreme Court's nomination of Judge Amy Cockney Barrett, where dozens in attendance, including White House officials, and many senators, and others, announced later that they had tested positive for the virus. DOC, says Richardson In Washington, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden says he wouldn't attend the White House event without a mask or social distancing. They didn't take the same precautions to protect himself. Or others longer. Donald Trump is president more reckless he gets Biden, speaking in Las Vegas, North Korean leader Kim Jong UN says he's grateful because no North Koreans have contracted Copa 19 while speaking at a military parade in Pyongyang broadcast by state TV. The dictator also said the crisis could not be prevented without socialism. Tropical Storm Delta has left hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in Louisiana without electricity when it made landfall last night on the town of Creole Delta was a Category two hurricane. The system is expected to further weakened later today. This place has been hit twice in six weeks, almost the exact same path in more than 10,000 people really still in hotels from that storm six weeks ago. They're still tarps on buildings. There's still debris lining the road. Fox's Steve Harrigan, America's listening to Fox News Progressive presents the sounds of the old World Years 2019 and.

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