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With both of them but shannon quickly. I hear what you're saying about. Doc am beating their comments. And i get where biz from and also i think he's bothered that they put him in the trade for james heart. Thank you last season yet. Remembers that right. That's the problem with a trade doesn't go through but it gets public. You're in trouble with that player. That said i do want been to look in the mirror though. Yes the way. He's acting speaks of victim cart. He's not a victim. I get it. They did him wrong here and there but he's got a look in the mirror. Say i did shoot thirty four percent from the foul line in the playoffs. I have not after four years of playing basketball in this league. I still won't take jump shots. Like i want him to look in the mirror and do and understand that like magic. Did after the tragic. Johnson finals in eighty four like michael. When he said i gotta get in the weight room against detroit in the play. Offs like lebron did in after the or the two thousand eleven series with dallas. Guys were better than vincent and they still looked into. I gotta be a better player. Guess and i think been looking at everybody else. Is that a looking at himself as their. You know what i like with dr. I can't argue with that. I read this point. I've gotta go prove him wrong. And so i would like to see a little more. That from similar out with us is well. Guess what it was doing what he was supposed to be if he was the player that everybody projected him to be his name would have never came up for james harden like face. I'm not trading the guy that's giving me twenty two ten and fix is dead. He's give us fourteen fifteen six and february no bra and he won't shoot a jumper he won't show if they don't get the ball over doug it what are you gonna do. You can't blame in the fourth quarter. That can't be a point guard that cannot be. you'll starting point. Dad becomes unplayable in the fourth quarter. This i don't know. I don't know how this plays out chris. Thank you for weighing in today. We appreciate your time and we'll definitely be part of this. We get on fox. It's a good one. starts saturday. Strong with the noon kickoff. Pregame show at ten am eastern. We are live from soldier field in chicago and then at noon eastern jack cohn twelfth break fighting irish taken on his former team number eighteen wisconsin. A huge big news. Saturday begins ten. Am eastern seven am pacific on fox and the fox sports app. It's going to be a good one from chicago. Well guys tony palmer. Made a statement in the cowboys away and over. The chargers racking up over a hundred yards on the ground and many are now calling from dallas to continue to use the combination of z. Out of the backfield jerry. Jones said on his weekly radio interview that having the to back says quote outstanding situation because pollard. Surprise the defense with his speed and zeke quote punishes the hell out of those defenders fan. And is this want. You punch underrated or overrated. I think the thing is is that. I think they're really just fine. I don't believe they're they're cre- they did. Not kareem hunt branded not branch. Bradley chubb got issues. But they're not kareem hunt right. I don't think they're that dual. But i think they're very solid duos skipping it and i agree with jerry skipped when you have a do. Oh you need to have a contrast if we go back and look at duos to rocky bleier to and franko hairs mercury mars lands on you throw jim kicking their ahmad. Bradshaw granted jacob more curtly. There needs to be contrast. You can't have two of the same to power guys to speed guys. One guy who electricity of the guys of thunder more power. That's how zeke runs zeke. Punish you and now you bring a french guy in there you only gonna give him x. Amount of carriers. But i know everybody said man here. Nine cares book thirteen. Just imagine what happened if you get twenty cares. You getting broke his bodies not for that. It's perfect give eight nine ten cares blohm another two to three passes. So that's you know. Twelve thirteen fourteen plays for game. They'll be continue to be explosive while allowing zeke to punish the depressed where down and now all of a sudden. They're tired a come. Tony pilot. mike. Okay you'll get it right. This is gonna force you to get it right. So i think the thing is. They're doing a great job. And i don't think they stumbled on this skip. I think they knew they could see the data shows them. The number showed them that. Zeke is not the same guy. twenty sixteen seventeen. Eighteen is not the same guy in twenty twenty one. We got a guy that can lighten some of the load and that can give us some of the explosiveness. Zeke's used to give a give their very few guys that we call bill bands anymore. You get seema carolina you get a dowling cook you get a big derrick henry. But for the most part everybody runs the to back system so dallas when you get to san francisco and baltimore. They run like ten bucks. Keep putting into doing good. It doesn't matter you'll be down your back and he'd get eighty five ninety like he's the number one but i got it so i do agree with you. I think this is a great situation. They stumbled on a great situation. But i don't think they stumbled on it. I think they saw the data was telling them in what they scare. These guys are really smart. They use data. They don't just use analytic to say. Should we go to skip or do we put the ball in this situation. They use data on their own players in when they look at the numbers and they look at zeke's number and they look at the amount of cares. they say he would be better in his system. Like wis split back guy. As opposed to the bill cow so we can maximize tube earns one stone while maximizing every guy's ability. I am shocked at your answer. I thought you would scream overrated across. The you've told me. Zeke is in decline. You'll never bounce back to what he was the first three years in this league. And you have repeatedly told me that. Mike polar is overrated. Because he's not that consistent that he has a flash year burst there but but over time he cannot be belco right right. Did you like this. Because you and i both know. If they thought how many times mix carries getting a better one for you. If i go back to one thousand nine hundred six of my dallas cowboys they brought in herschel walker and decided a we can have a dynamic duo with him and tony dorsett. Tony is not going to sit still for this. Nor should he note because you can have two superstars at one position okay but now this is why i'm about to explain to you. I think your heart is telling you we're heading in this direction. My new dynamic duo is dramatically under rated because it is right on time with the emergency maturity level of tony pollard. Don't call me mike pollard. Okay and zeke bouncing back from what he used to be to what he can be right now which is no longer the zeke. The ohio state. You agree with meal that why. I only agree with you this this much. He did recommit to his his overall body shot. He got himself very new and different shape. He lost his double chance as he got up again. Sheku yeah got it so all the sudden. I'm seeing a new commitment for a guy who got humbled beyond belief ledger. The average sixty five yards a game so right on time. Tony is emerging while zeke is accepting where. He is at this point in his six seasons. Where i can still be that guy. Can he not punt. Jerry is not exaggerating. punish defense. right right he can take it out. he can take pounds of flesh right. If we could quickly see just says touchdown run the other day. I think he's hard to tackle when he gets going down the hill because he is still got warrior mentality crashing through people. Does anybody in this league have better. Body leaned zeke..

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