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Pay and i cook african food american food Another thing i enjoy. It's just a hanging out with my daughter. I like hanging. I love now with her. Yeah the list goes on man I can dance. i'm a dancer. I love dancing the escorts escort to toilets of things. You do interesting and it's quite interesting to see that you can actually cook african news of the fact that you were born in the states but then again. That's interesting okay. So now take us through your your your podcast journey rights. How did you get into podcasting. Highly stas forecasting in year order. Tell us about. This is such a weird question. Because i don't even know so. Initially i started my youtube channel. Two years ago And when i started it. I wanted to share my travel experiences. I wanted to share my traumas. I wanted to share my. You know my my life. And what i endured growing up. And i think people have this misconception of me when they need they think i'm saying but i'm completely not that But on youtube. I realized that people were really. There wasn't a personal level of affection wasn't like anything personal and if it wasn't a celica wasn't the platform for me to like sit and actually talk about my traumas and what i have been through so i flipped it. I was like okay well I have so many people calling me for advice you know. There's so many people that i want to reach talk to. There's so many people coming up in the world I'm watching the breakfast club. mike tyson's podcast is like my favorite podcasts I've been watching. Joe rogan like my partner that i was with watched. All of these amazing shows and i'm like bra. Why can't african people have this for them to come on and promote themselves and promote their brand you know so i decided i wanted to do podcasting and my research..

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