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As was the claim with China interesting right but that would actually be accurate. Why because there are indeed bioweapons labs easily within reach of the stricken areas both in Italy and South Korea. But guess what guess who they belong to you guessed it the US military so once again. We have an obvious tie with no other bio labs in reach except we just so happened to have one right within earshot. He can throw a stone and hit the roof of this building from each one of these major outbreak locations. Not Patient one but in in fact patient for in Italy's in regard Italy and patient thirty one in regard to South Korea. Both of which were later named patient one. Why because there's obviously something different going on here and weirdly. They're both right next to military biowarfare labs hard to miss something like that right. I guess the mainstream media was just taking a day off now. Korea is particularly notable in this regard. Because it was proven proven. Moore's resulted from a leak at the American military lab. No Song now. This is exactly what Doctor Doyle would say. Exactly what many people around the world would say that SARS merge these things are bio weapons that were released intentionally? The evidence is there the official Western narrative of course for Mars outbreak in South Korea? Was that a Korean businessman. Became infected in the Middle East return to his home and spread the infection there but there was never any documentation or evidence at all to support that claim. Weird sounds kind of like everything else. We're dealing with regard to the cover. Ups coming from the very same people were always pointing to and to my best knowledge was never verified by the South Korean government. Either so these are just claims floated by the usual suspects with absolutely nothing to back it up like usual interesting how that works right now. According to the Korean Jagna John Habsi Sneeze. Excuse me Yonhap. News Service at the onset of the outbreak about one hundred Korean South Korean military personnel. A hundred were suddenly quarantined. Where were they quarantined? Well you guessed it the. Us Air Force Assan airbase. Please don't miss the obvious connection here to see the fact that we have this weird outbreak of course been shown to come from the area and according to their own new service. They had an outbreak about one hundred Korean military personnel. Who also were quarantined at the Assan? Airbase the song base is home to the Jupiter military biological program that is closely related to none other than Fort Dietrich in Maryland both being. Us military biowarfare biowarfare research labs. There's just only so much that you can begin to overlook only so much that you can begin to just ignore now. There's also a very secretive world. Health Organization sponsored Vaccine Institute right nearby which is or at least was up until they suddenly realize people are paying attention managed by the US military biological weapons personnel now at the time but given given the quarantine mentioned above in his article the events sequenced the the event sequence accepted as most likely even by the people in this area was that of the League coming from a Jupiter biowarfare project. Now ask yourself this. If this is the most likely scenario that was accepted by most of most people involved in the situation. Why then is that? Not What we're told why because there's an obvious narrative you're being controlled managed by. Oh I don't know the Osan airbase in the personnel there in. That probably had some kind of accident like they've had numerous times before and covered up just like Fort Dietrich just like any number of things understand. I'm talking about fourteen before this whole corona virus event. Get that's a verified fact as we continue to talk about not even just the one right before this started where the CDC shut down for Dietrich for contamination issues containment issues. I mean right leaks viral leaks. That's what was fourth. Dietrich was shut down. And then we've got weird outbreaks of pneumonia in vaping illness. We can explain guys. This is obvious that something's going on. The evidence is impossible to ignore what that something is. Please do the research and come up with some theories because it's not. The proof is not there yet but what we can see is that we are being lied to. This is all being covered up in the reality of this tie in. Is that coming from the in regard to merge specifically and this this tie in with South Korea. You have an outbreak at the airbase. Were one hundred south. Koreans were quarantined. And this is exactly location. It's pointed to in regard to where this all started in regard to murder specifically in this location. And then right next to that you've got a World Health Organization sponsored Vaccine Institute. I mean it just doesn't get more. I mean this continues but just this stuff is really hard to ignore and no one wants to talk about this stuff now. The Korean path is similar with that of Italy. Now if we look at the map of the virus stricken areas of Italy there's a US military base within almost a stone's throw of every single one of them. Never remember what Dr Boyle said that. Every single Ebola outbreak in Africa has been within a mile range of some US biowarfare lab been Africa. Now it's not understand. There's a lot of them but these with how big Africa the continent of Africa is. There's not. It's not some chicken pox speckled labs every three feet understand so for this to happen within that close of a range of every single time of a US lab guys. This is just statistically wildly unlikely to say it very generously so now again. We're realizing that it is the career. Path is similar right. Because the air as we're talking about on the map right. Now the virus stricken areas of what we're dealing with is almost a stone's throw away from every single one rather at every single one of these locations a stone throw away is a biowarfare lab run by the US military now again. How many things are we going to continue to not talk about? How many close tie INS? I mean look if every single one of these events in the history. Let's just say I'm not saying that's the case. I bet you could make an obvious tied for that. Let's just say everything that's ever happened. History happened right next to a US biolab ignoring for the moment. The obvious historical problem with that but just for the sake of analogy right that every single major viral breaking history has always come from a US lab rather within close range to one. How do you ignore something like that right? But they'll say it was only half of them. What if it was only the last ten right? At what point do you start to go? Wait a minute this is not. This is just impossible that every single one came right next to one of these labs. Maybe they did it on purpose. Maybe it's happening without even knowing it. I mean this is just obvious things that should be asked with this obvious. Tien but is being completely ignored. And if you look at the mainstream media we are wild tin foil hat conspiracy theorist you know just like when we said the Duma was a false flag just like when we said that Afghanistan's war was all about lithium opium and it's a main major lie just like all the things we just like. We said that the Bolivia Cu wasn't fact a military coup. Yeah guess what we write about all those things but they also then still said we were crazy conspiracy theorists just like they're doing right now. How does that still work? Now as Larry Rightly points out this is of course merely a case of circumstance arousing suspicion and by no means constitutes proof of anything at all and that guy is is the sign of a good journalist. Same thing we say on this show every day right now. I'm not even calling myself journalist. I am at an aggregate information. I'm a researcher for you now. There are times when I conduct in journalism and go out and research things which I would call journalism but I consider them to be different things now. Others may say that that's different but this guy as others like him who are taking the time to go out and research these things on the ground and right and and and then take the time to say look guys. Don't jump the gun. We still need more to connect the dots. That's what real honest people do not someone who's trying to sell you on some narrative about something you know something that clearly drives in the direction of beneficial ideas to him whether it's the two party paradigm or selling you something it's everywhere so. I cannot offer more more praise for someone. That's going to do something like that. Especially with the article with some powerful points to make now however there's a major point here which cannot be overlooked namely the fact of simultaneous eruptions of new virus in three different countries three different countries and in all three cases. No clear epidemic lot epidemic. Debbie Excuse me epidemiology the you know where it came from and an inability to identify either the original source or a patient zero. That again is just not. Let's say wildly unlikely now as he says. Multiple experts on biological weapons are in unanimous agreement that eruptions in a human population of a new an unusual pathogen in multiple locations simultaneously with no clear idea of source. In cases with no proven links is virtually prima facia evidence of a pathogen. Deliberately released. He says now just so. We're clear for this. The term actually defined prima facie means based on the first impression accepted as correct until proven otherwise. But understand that. This is what we're talking about guys that a unanimous agreement the three different countries multiple locations simultaneous outbreaks with no proven links. No patient zero evidence of pathogen deliberately. Released since natural outbreaks almost always be resolved to one location and one patient zero. The of a deliberately make is as strong in Italy and South Korea as China. All three nations apparently sharing the same suspicions both US allies and not. But of course this will be China's propaganda. You know because that's just what happens when you dare to challenge the mainstream narrative simultaneously by the way. I'm also Russian. She'll and she'll depending on however they want to spin it right. Pick Elaine guys. It's always crazy but the point is this stuff is impossible to ignore and I know you guys out there watching this recognize that and it's important for us to take the time to try to walk people into this spoonfeed people. The reality of it takes it because this stuff can't be ignored any longer. It's quite amazing to see this stuff and so we can continue through this today with only the rest is only things that I just want to mention for you guys into lot powerful stuff but even even. Here's here's even a video from business. Insider of all places business insider from October two thousand nineteen. She the title inside the. Us government's top-secret bio weapons lab. Now do you realize guys that the US government has said more than once that they don't make weapons? That's by the way a bioweapons or illegal. They signed the Bioweapons Convention Act. They're not allowed to make bio weapons. But that's why they pretend they're doing it to make vaccine so it's kind of a sidestep but realize that even the business insider has a whole video about how they have A. Us top secret bioweapons labs and we all know this but guess what there's more than you could possibly imagine. Sure I see I see a piece of paper with the DOD will say we've got thirty five even though we know that's all of those things should be shut down. I bet she was a hell of a lot more than that..

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