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This morning think twice about speeding through that yellow light Saint Louis as mayor still debating whether or not to bring back red light cameras this is Kevin Killeen it is saying Louis mayor Lyda Cruisin facing what could be a tough reelection battle would red light cameras coming back helper or herder I received read like tickets last time we had those and and I wasn't so thrilled about them but I do know that we do need to slow down traffic and we need to try to curtail the red light running that we have now Kristin says her staff is still looking at proposals that have come in from red light camera companies if they do get a new system it would have to identify the driver that was the legal issue that prompted the Missouri Supreme Court last time to throw out red light cameras given calling solutions these radio came what carjackers could face life in prison if they used a real or fake gone under a mystery house measure that still had some Kinks to work out this agreement was whether to impose the potential of a life sentence for hijacking if the hijacker was using what only appeared to be a deadly weapon St Louis coloration of dog and you can use the example there people incarcerated right now who rob banks with a BB gun which could not actually hurt anyone and they didn't intend to hurt anyone but those people right now under a robbery statute are lumped in with the folks who actually have a weapon who actually harm someone who shoots someone and that just does not make plain common sense but on the other side supporters argued that for the victim the emotional trauma is the same from the state capitol Philbrook St Louis's news radio KMOX as KMOX reported yesterday the Democrat who narrowly lost to Steve Stanger in the last primary for county executive is running again mark one of ani now tells came Alexis tired of young people leaving town for better jobs in the feeling that Saint Louis is slipping really over the course of my lifetime I have seen on this move from having your cities like San Francisco and Boston to trying to compete with Wichita and Omaha and as a practical matter I think that is quite acceptable the sixty four year old businessman and political newcomer lost by one percent of the vote to Steve staggering the August twenty eighteen primary for county executive Stanger went on to plead guilty to federal corruption charges and is now in prison this time around monophonic will face to other Democrats incumbent Dr Sam page and Saint Louis county assessor Jack Zimmerman a potential tax break for a hotel in sunset hills is drawing fire from at least one local lawmaker all the women debate we're says the proposed property tax break for the hotel on Lindberg next to Helen fitzgerald's can't be justified to blight this area which is what would what we're asking for in this ordinance that we'll have a brand new hotel and arguably the most successful bar in Saint Louis county it just seems to be wrong headed and sets a dangerous precedent for any other developer coming to the city that would ask for the same treatment part of the plan the new days inn hotel would continue to pay property taxes based on twenty nineteen levels before the improvements are made Babel says homeowners are not getting property tax breaks and she can't see why a business should at the expense of the city the fire district in the Lindbergh school district the sunset hills board of aldermen schedule to discuss the plan further at its next meeting which is the second Tuesday in March St Louis since please many of you some of you saying yeah with their credit cards Chris lighted with SeatGeek says prices to get into the battle hawks home opener are leading the XFL seems like on average the average XFL ticket sign somewhere between sixty and seventy five dollars and then you look at these games in Saint Louis that are coming up and you know they're in the nineties up into the hundreds so really seems like the St Louis market seems maybe exceptionally excited about the XFL in fact he says battle hawks tickets are more expensive on average then rams tickets were sixty five dollars then verses one hundred now of course that's not an exact comparison since the ram sold every seat in the dome including the cheaper nose bleeds lightness curious to see how the XFL sustains fan interest especially if there's a year to it's almost time the.

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